Thursday, 15 March 2012

Losing my direction...

Cardigan - H&M mens
White vest - Topshop Tall
Lace trim vest - M&S
Skirt - Topshop
Converse - gift

Beads - charity shop
Robot necklace - Claires
Globe necklace - Accessorize

(like my hair?  It's gotten to an irritating length so I got one of these donuts thingies off eBay and followed this fab tutorial over at M Loves M and voila!  It's the first time since school I've successfully styled my hair, was ridiculously easy and stayed put all day, no mean feat for my thick, heavy hair...)

One day last week I decided I was having an adventure on my day off, so I set off in the car after getting lunch supplies at Morrisons and drove up a random road I'd never really paid attention to before.  Here's the thing about Scotland - every road seems to lead somewhere you've already been, especially around here - there's a lot of countryside but you're never very far from anywhere...  So I took a random turning that was signed 'Forest Park' and found myself driving along a single track road through an immense forest.  Now the scenery was amazing but if there was anything else on the road I woulda been screwed.  This went on for miiiiles until finally I stumbled upon a village - that is in fact about 10 miles from town.  Bfffggghhtytt! (that's approx the noise I made when I realised my daftness).

It was a lovely sunny (cold) day so I got out the car anyway and ate lunch on a bench next to a park.  The entire place was deserted, which suited me just fine - if I could avoid people 80% of the time, I'd be quite happy ;)  I found a leaflet for country walks so set off along a couple of the shorter trails.  Which was rather lovely, if muddy...

 The end of one trail came out at an old graveyard so I had a wander - there's something fascinating about looking at old gravestones I think.  Found one belonging to a lady who had died on her 97th birthday, that seems nice and neat to me!  Also found a grave with my gran's name, so there's a good chance it could be a relation, weird!
And back to the park in the end.  There was a cottage at the start of the trails (hidden behind the trees here) that I fell a bit in love with - the location is rather perfect and it was just the right size...  I can dream, right?!



  1. Gorgeous!

    My dream house just came on the market in Aberdeen. A snip at £675,000...

  2. I love your hair, and it sounds really easy to achieve! My hair doesn't really suit me like that though :(
    What a great idea for a day out, it is always fun to discover new places

  3. I really like your hair!

    I hate meeting people when I'm out for a walk!

  4. What an adventure, I love wandering around and just 'finding' interesting places. Love you rhair 'up' too! X

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous! And love the skirt too xx

  6. Gorgeous photos. And I love this outfit on you


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