Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Something weird going on here...

Cardi - M&S Outlet
Top - Warehouse via charity shop
Skirt - charity shop
Converse - TK Maxx

Mickey bracelet - Disney World
Heart bracelet - found on beach...
Vintage bangle - charity shop

OMG my summer skirt has escaped from the wardrobe!  Along with the rest of my outfit.  I've been like a giddy child for the past week, out in the sun at every opportunity.  In fact Monday saw me having breakfast on the balcony, then going to work and having an ice lolly for lunch then faffing near the door/outside for as long as possible...  But it hasn't always been like this.  

In my teens I hated summer.  I think this can be directly related to the fact that I started my first job the summer I turned 15, working in an ice cream shop joined to a tartan, touristy gift shop.  I loved that place but on sunny days it was swamped with irritating daytrippers queuing out the shop while I scooped and twirled out cones for hours.  We were also on the Irish ferry route so got all the football fan buses stopping at tea time, wanting to buy juice and sticks of rock (never quite got that stuff, it's just an oversized lolly right?).  But on rainy days...  Ah it was lovely.  That drizzly summer smell came and we'd stand at the doors chatting, or clean the shops lazily, or make up bags of candy floss while chatting.  (It was also around this time I realised I wasn't suited to customer facing jobs ;))  Those are the days I cherish most from that time.

It's only been in the past year that I really came around to summer.  After a few years of living in freezing flats and having an enforced limited social life through weather and lack of funds, it seems like everything gets better when the sun shines.  I can go outside, walk down the beach, around town or even just to the library without being soaked. Then sit on the balcony and tear through my books.  It's official, winter has been bumped.  (I realise this may be premature considering the rumours of SNOW this weekend, but go with me)

Speaking of enjoying the weather, my best friend from school came home from Yorkshire for the weekend and we went a wander down the v busy beach - we just kept walking til it got quiet ;)

Found these too cute cows in Mhairi's car - the fluffy one woulda been mine if she hadn't been watching me closely, pfft!

Hope everyone else is loving the weather!



  1. Love these colours together. Very cute xx

  2. So cute! I love the blue converse, such a great colour! It's been really lovely hasn't it? I've been a horror with avoid summer jobs, I really don't get on with them

  3. loving the little mini polkadots! x

  4. That blue skirt is adorable! I am not brave enough to get my legs out...unless on holiday;)

    Thanks for popping by my blog

    Caz x

  5. Love the outfit! Jealous of your sunshine but it's just what we had last week. I want it to come back!

  6. Such a sweet outfit! I'm loving the weather, the hotter the better for me. It's around 37 degrees in Goa today, bring it on! x

  7. No! No to the snow! It's been gorgeous up in Aberdeen, too; a colleague and I had a picnic lunch yesterday. But the wind's picking up and it worries me... no snow. No.

    Also, I totally love this outfit.

  8. I LOVE the white top, and Chucks with a skirt = always a win in my book.


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