Thursday, 19 April 2012

Family Flashbacks - 00s

I seem to remember these outfits with alarming clarity - probably because they were my staples, I wore not much other than jeans and vests throughtout the early noughties, trendy...
Random fact - Tina from S Club 7 wore this Topshop vest in the opening credits of their show.  Geek knowledge ;)

This was actually a pj top, my underwear as outerwear fad goes way back!

Ah the era of being a WWE fangirl...  I was rather in love with Edge and Christian, yum!

Cringe...  This is so the opposite of my style now it's not even funny!

Doing makeup for the school show - clearly this was the year of Little Shop of Horrors, where we spent a lot of time just painting ourselves.  And I wore a mesh tshirt.  Ugh.

I was all about the 70s style for a long time - even now I cant resist flares!  My best friend still dresses exactly the same...

Ah I remember these jeans rather fondly - massive flared with lace tied sides, all my outfits were a little different after that!

Me and Granny - I had a thing about wearing my jeans pulled down to my hips so they were long  enough...  The day I discovered Topshop's Tall range was one of the best of my life... ;)

Our family likes pattern...  Altho clearly by 2008 things had improved slightly in my wardrobe!

Better view of me and gran in florals - this was at a wedding in Vermont where the rain started the second the last vows were spoken so we were all running for cover in our heels, haha!


Monday, 16 April 2012

Fun with stripes...

Coat - charity shop
Jumper - TK Maxx
Trousers - River Island
Loafers - F&F via eBay

Belt - charity shop

I went into town the other day looking for clothing to wear to camp (apparently nothing I own fits the bill for outdoor adventures...) and accidentally bought these trousers instead.  From River Island too, somewhere I never go into - clearly the big red SALE signs were doing their job!  They actually had loads of good stuff, but I managed to restrain myself.  Couldn't resist these trousers tho, they have stripes!  And if anyone remembers my obsession with red, white and blue clothing last summer, there's a chance it may be returning...

I wore this on a random trip to the pub with my pal Tom, which as you can see ended up in a freezing, slightly creepy playpark late on...  The day had been lovely til we went out tho!  Typical... 


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Matchy matchy...

Jumper - charity shop
Dress - M&S Outlet
Tights - eBay
Loafers - F&F via eBay

This is one of my lazy outfits.  In fact the only reason I'm wearing shoes instead of slippers is cause I have this thing lately about matching my shoes and tights.  It's apparently rather easy in my wardrobe - maybe my brain is just programmed to love very specific colours!  Today is one of those lazy days, I was having weird and wonderful dreams this morning so didn't really feel like getting up early... Plus tonight E4 is good from 6pm til 11pm (with the exception of Hollyoaks), therefore my night is sorted too!  Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, IT Crowd aah!


Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Dress - Matalan
Belt - charity shop
Heels - New Look

Necklace - charity shop

I kinda love this dress, but man does it crease as soon as you move!  It also seems like it cries out for heels, so I of course obliged with my favourites. ;)

Char tagged me to do the 11 questions quiz last week - I already did it here, so thought I'd just answer hers, cause they're fun ones!

1. Do you prefer brown sauce or ketchup on chips?
OMG brown sauce all the way!  I could eat brown sauce with almost anything, ketchup I use as a last resort.

2. Favourite movie quote?
Oh man I have so many... last week I couldn't stop quoting 'Are you ready to go back to Titanic?' cause I was all excited to see it again!  (totally worth it in 3D, looks outstanding!)

3. What famous person do you have an inexplicable crush on?
Um, Bill Nighy.....?  After Wild Target (one of my fave movies, check it out!) he became slightly attractive!  Actually while I'm talking older men, I may as well mention Liam Neeson.  But reckon that's a more justified one ;)

4. What song lyric stands out the most to you?
Wow, my BFF and I are the king and queen of song lyrics, we txt quotes on a daily basis!  Lately I've been all about Wilson Philips 'Hold On', inspiring stuff.  And Snow Patrol's 'New York', depressing stuff ;)

5. Favourite colour?
I always say blue, which it is, but I really love red lately too...

6. If you had to choose, woudl you be a fish or a bird?
Ah man, both freak me out a bit!  I'd love to know the feeling of flying tho, so definitely bird!

7. What's the scariest thing you have ever experienced?
Rita Queen of Speed at Alton Towers.  Thought it was gonna fly off the tracks!  Also the feeling of being out of control.

8. What is the last thing that made you cry?
I mostly cry over trivial things - almost any movie with at least one emotional scene will get me going.  Hunger Games I cried from start to finish.  

9. Stilettos or sandals?
I have a weird feet thing, can't have my bare feet too near the ground except on carpet, therefore sandals are a bit iffy for stilettos all the way!

10. Do you prefer to write in pen or pencil?
Pen always, makes me feel like a grown up :)

11. If you had £1000 to spend on something frivolous, what would you spend it on?
Pretty sure I'd be physically incapable of spending that much on something frivolous... I've been planning to step things up at the gym lately tho so maybe a personal trainer?  


Monday, 9 April 2012

Work week...

Hoodie - H&M mens
Dress - Debenhams
Converse - eBay

I never really think to post my work outfits - despite being given more freedom with it last year, I still have to wear plain black clothing, and that's not really exciting as far as outfits pics go I reckon.  Admittedly I take a few liberties - I can usually be found in an variety of hoodies or cardigans, and I rebelled a bit with my yellow striped (but very black) Converse.  But this dress is one of my faves.  I found it on a random sale rack in Debenhams when I was madly searching for new work stuff so, despite the maternity label, I picked it up.  And it fit perfectly.  Good length, good cleavage coverage, easy to style, no ironing required...  Awesome. 


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Sauntering...

My friend John seems to go home the same weekends I do, and takes great delight in dragging me out for walks to the nearby country park with his dog.  This week I put my foot down tho, knowing the place would be teeming with families on their Easter hols, so we just walked along the beach and skirted round the castle on the way back.  At this point I was proved right - MOBBED.  Got some good pics on the mostly deserted rainy beach tho :)

Cardigan - made by Mother
Black vest - H&M
Tan vest - Matalan
Jeans - Topshop Tall
Converse - gift

Wasn't overly crazy about this outfit but it was either that or work clothes!  Teach me for packing a bag in a hurry...  Mother finally finished my Christmas cardigan!  It was supposed to go with this top originally but the wool is a bit thick to wear both together - altho not sure that'll stop me come winter!

Hope everyone is having an awesome chocolate filled weekend!


Monday, 2 April 2012

Random Faff Happenings...

 stack of Sunday magazines for Monday work / new library stack / accidentally bought charity shop books / Tuesday crossword
 found CHEETOS! / Mother sent me a pressie / then bought me these last week / teeny Wispas!
 seagulls are fearless at my work / outside my flat / on the balcony / first 99 of the year! (wasnt v good actually :/)
found some pizza shaped beer mats in pub / Moffat looking dodgy / can't wait for this movie! / someone put a bloody great standee in front of staff doors - which of course I walked in to...

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