Sunday, 1 April 2012

Changing seasons...

Handmade cardi - car boot sale
Tshirt - M&S
Jeans - Zara
Wedges - Next

socks - H&M
Here's an outfit from last week that I forgot to post.  It was right before the good weather kicked in, hence the cardi and socks!  I don't think I'll be packing them away quite yet tho, really don't trust Scottish weather, most likely we'll be experiencing storms again next week!  I found these jeans in Zara last week and was ridiculously excited - all last summer stalking Topshop and Dorothy Perkins tall ranges for flared jeans and I coulda just looked in Zara! (they have a longer inside leg than normal so its an extra option for me) If I take them down they would work with heels too, and for £7.99 I really cant go wrong I reckon!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, it was work again for me, woohoo...



  1. Those jeans are fab, what a find! x

  2. Love the shoes- very cute with the socks :) xx

  3. I love the cardi - did you make it yourself?

  4. Aberdeen's weather has reverted to normal. :(

    Love the jeans!

  5. those jeans look great on you!

  6. those jeans are tres lovely on you indeed. Fickle weather is doing my head in, grrr!

  7. I didn't realise you were so tall! That outfit is super cute and those socks with the wedges is a brilliant touch


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