Monday, 16 April 2012

Fun with stripes...

Coat - charity shop
Jumper - TK Maxx
Trousers - River Island
Loafers - F&F via eBay

Belt - charity shop

I went into town the other day looking for clothing to wear to camp (apparently nothing I own fits the bill for outdoor adventures...) and accidentally bought these trousers instead.  From River Island too, somewhere I never go into - clearly the big red SALE signs were doing their job!  They actually had loads of good stuff, but I managed to restrain myself.  Couldn't resist these trousers tho, they have stripes!  And if anyone remembers my obsession with red, white and blue clothing last summer, there's a chance it may be returning...

I wore this on a random trip to the pub with my pal Tom, which as you can see ended up in a freezing, slightly creepy playpark late on...  The day had been lovely til we went out tho!  Typical... 



  1. oh one of those nights... where you end up in a playground. Had a couple of them
    Great trousers!

  2. These trousers look great on you, especially with the red shoes. And all the best nights end in a playground ;) xx

  3. those trousers are amazing and really suit you!

  4. My red white and blue obsession is year round! I love your stripey pants and your cute shoes. xx

  5. Freaking love those trousers. x

  6. I actually will never get over how long your legs are. They look even longer in these amazing trews. Love.

  7. Those red loafers are FAB!

  8. oh my, how amazing these trousers are! and I love love love how you paired them with red shoes ♥


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