Thursday, 19 April 2012

Family Flashbacks - 00s

I seem to remember these outfits with alarming clarity - probably because they were my staples, I wore not much other than jeans and vests throughtout the early noughties, trendy...
Random fact - Tina from S Club 7 wore this Topshop vest in the opening credits of their show.  Geek knowledge ;)

This was actually a pj top, my underwear as outerwear fad goes way back!

Ah the era of being a WWE fangirl...  I was rather in love with Edge and Christian, yum!

Cringe...  This is so the opposite of my style now it's not even funny!

Doing makeup for the school show - clearly this was the year of Little Shop of Horrors, where we spent a lot of time just painting ourselves.  And I wore a mesh tshirt.  Ugh.

I was all about the 70s style for a long time - even now I cant resist flares!  My best friend still dresses exactly the same...

Ah I remember these jeans rather fondly - massive flared with lace tied sides, all my outfits were a little different after that!

Me and Granny - I had a thing about wearing my jeans pulled down to my hips so they were long  enough...  The day I discovered Topshop's Tall range was one of the best of my life... ;)

Our family likes pattern...  Altho clearly by 2008 things had improved slightly in my wardrobe!

Better view of me and gran in florals - this was at a wedding in Vermont where the rain started the second the last vows were spoken so we were all running for cover in our heels, haha!



  1. I love your little flash backs. I've always been a jeans girl my favorite pair in my teenage years being this bright pink wide legged ones. How I use to love them and wear them way too often!

  2. Aw, great post. You're a cutie :) I used to love laced up ruffled jeans in the early 00s. Those were the days... xx

  3. loved your old outfits, that dress from '08 is so lovely x

  4. Hahaha I was a WWE fan girl too! (That's what happens when you have brothers.) I initially had a crush on Christian but soon moved on to Matt Hardy. I loved my Hardy Boyz t-shirt.

    I remember those furry 1970s style jackets being the business, especially if they had embroidery on them!

  5. I love this post! I wore some terrible things in the early 00's. Flares with glitter on! Too many logo t-shirts! Hoodies that zip up! Belts with tassles! And always showing my hips, bleugh!

  6. Ahh, i love looking back on old photos, end up wishing i had my old clothing back in my size now haha!

  7. I love posts like this looking back! I wore some very strange clothing growing up, totally with you with the S Club 7 thing- loved that show xxx

  8. Oh gosh that is SO funny!

    It's nice to see you've always been shaped like a top model ;)

    Virginie xo


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