Thursday, 12 April 2012

Matchy matchy...

Jumper - charity shop
Dress - M&S Outlet
Tights - eBay
Loafers - F&F via eBay

This is one of my lazy outfits.  In fact the only reason I'm wearing shoes instead of slippers is cause I have this thing lately about matching my shoes and tights.  It's apparently rather easy in my wardrobe - maybe my brain is just programmed to love very specific colours!  Today is one of those lazy days, I was having weird and wonderful dreams this morning so didn't really feel like getting up early... Plus tonight E4 is good from 6pm til 11pm (with the exception of Hollyoaks), therefore my night is sorted too!  Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, IT Crowd aah!



  1. Happy Endings. Steve and I start with Big Bang at seven and have perfected flipping back and forth for four hours so that we don't end up watching Hollyoaks or Rules of Engagement. Thursday is TV night. :)

    I also match my tights and shoes a lot.

  2. Love it, sort of 90s grunge. I think I have the skirt version of your dress

  3. Gotta love lazy day cozy. Colour of tights= beautiful xx

  4. This is a great lazy day outfit. Mine are usually considerably less put-together.

    Love the color of those tights!

  5. I love lazy TV nights, Thursdays normally mean new showings of the Big Bang Theory but its not on tonight so we're randomly watching lots of shows on the Travel Channel. But it's fun all the same.

  6. Apparently wearing matching tights and shoes lengthens your legs, though I'm not sure you have any problems there!

  7. you always look sexy in tights xxx


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