Monday, 2 April 2012

Random Faff Happenings...

 stack of Sunday magazines for Monday work / new library stack / accidentally bought charity shop books / Tuesday crossword
 found CHEETOS! / Mother sent me a pressie / then bought me these last week / teeny Wispas!
 seagulls are fearless at my work / outside my flat / on the balcony / first 99 of the year! (wasnt v good actually :/)
found some pizza shaped beer mats in pub / Moffat looking dodgy / can't wait for this movie! / someone put a bloody great standee in front of staff doors - which of course I walked in to...



  1. Um... is that the "now that they're grown ups" Sweet Valley book? I kind of want to read that...!

    Wait - did I just admit that in public? Erk.

  2. Haha yes! Altho its been so long since I read them that I gotta look up some history first! :)

  3. Yay for first 99 of the year (boo that it wasnt very good though) - roll on the summer :o)) Scarlett x

  4. totally craving all things Wispa now!

  5. Those tiny wispas are so so cute!

  6. Wispas - I love them, especially when dipped into tea!

  7. Cool!
    OHHHH....cant wait for Men in Black III!!!! jajaa

  8. Loving the pics, I want those wispas now ;).

    Sadie x


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