Monday, 9 April 2012

Work week...

Hoodie - H&M mens
Dress - Debenhams
Converse - eBay

I never really think to post my work outfits - despite being given more freedom with it last year, I still have to wear plain black clothing, and that's not really exciting as far as outfits pics go I reckon.  Admittedly I take a few liberties - I can usually be found in an variety of hoodies or cardigans, and I rebelled a bit with my yellow striped (but very black) Converse.  But this dress is one of my faves.  I found it on a random sale rack in Debenhams when I was madly searching for new work stuff so, despite the maternity label, I picked it up.  And it fit perfectly.  Good length, good cleavage coverage, easy to style, no ironing required...  Awesome. 



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