Monday, 14 May 2012

Beads and sleepiness...

Bead Necklace - New Look
Gold Chains - Topshop
Black Cross - Topman
Black and silver chains - Burton

Had a mini shopping trip to buy some new (sale) jewellery the other day - turns out I was more drawn to the menswear sections, Topman had great reductions!  

I haven't felt much like writing or picture taking lately, hence blog content being a bit scarce.  I seem to have been spending a lot of time reading or just slumped in front of the tv, especially after the camping adventure last weekend (more on that soon!) where almost no sleep was had.  Plus I've had to pick up an extra work shift so my whole week has been thrown off (yeah I don't adjust well to change...;)).  In fact life in general seems a bit off at the mo, not really sure which direction I'm heading in - guess it'll be fun interesting to see what happens...

On the plus side, this ad has been keeping me far too amused, and I'm now at Mother's again where I get net and tv shows taped for me, blissful.  (altho I got my net working veeeery slowly at work last night, it was insanely exciting!)



  1. Love the skull ring! I might have to pop in past Topman tomorrow...

    Hope everything settles down for you soon.

  2. You must tell all about the camping trip - sounds most intriguing!

  3. Love the blue skull ring! Hope you are feeling lots better soon =)

  4. That skull ring is fab! x


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