Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Country chic...

Shirt - Penguin via TK Maxx
Dress - charity shop
Scarf - charity shop
Socks - H&M
Boots - New Look

(apologies for the weird size of my pics - I usually just click 'original size' but they went huuuuge, Blogger never fails to confuse me...)

My best gal pal Mhairi came home from Yorkshire at the weekend for our county show, and being that I had Friday off I decided to tag along, dressed in my best impression of a farmers wife.  Eh, yeah...  Anyway she specified I wear old shoes that could get muddy, and since it was pouring when we arrived, this turned out to be good advice.  However, my boots being years old meant they're now slightly leaky, so wet feet it was...

It was a rather fun visit tho, we saw 'dalmation' cows and orange sheep and GIANT tractors (which apparently were not exactly tractors, but they all look the same to me), and I got McDonalds for lunch.  You know it's a good day when you've had fast food for lunch and far too much pasta for dinner.



  1. Although i'm a country lass i've never been to a country fair! They look like tractors to me too!!

  2. this is one of my favourite outfits of yours! xo

  3. You layer so well I'm jealous. xx

  4. arhhhh the country fair! Love your jacket very much. Practical footwear seems to defeat me on a regular basis.

  5. I've got a bit of coding somewhere which adjusts your images to the-largest-size-which-fits-your-post-width, if you don't mind copying and pasting into HTML?

    I'll forget to check for a reply, so message me if you want it and I can totally talk you through it.


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