Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Linking Love...

Hi ya'll!  Sorry for the silence around here, my laptop has been on the blink and I haven't felt much like fighting with it, trying to get net to work - always guaranteed to put me in a bad mood...  (btw, what's going on with the posting layout here?!)  I've actually had lots happening in the past week - we took the Cubs kayaking and raft building (I got the well behaved team, mwahaha!), I got to go to a very advanced screening of a movie I'm not allowed to talk about (yet...sorry!) and earlier my friend booked a holiday to Wales for a few of us in September.  Which I'm very excited about cause I've somehow never been on a 'mates' holiday before, but also slightly nervous about cause I spend a LOT of time by myself.  Mostly thru choice, so good luck to anyone spending 4 whole days with me and my potential reclusiveness... (totally a word now ;)).  I should have some posts set up soon, but in the meantime I've been clearing out my bookmarks and rediscovered some awesome articles, enjoy!

When it comes to love, could you have it all wrong?  I pretty much love everything Therese writes, but this is one of my faves :)

40 ways to give more life.  Makes me feel cheery.

How to plan the unexpected.  Yeah I need this!

How to date yourself in 10 ways.  Totally gonna do this :)

Right I'm gonna go catch up on emails and blog reading, have a good night!



  1. I like to go away and hide for a bit so a mates holiday might freak me out too. Luckily I have an understanding boyfriend. I must read some of those articles!
    excited about this film - do let us know what it is when you can

  2. Now that you said it was a secret I want to know ALL about the movie!! You are lucky to have gotten to see it before everybody else :)

    I hope your computer starts being nicer to you, you deserve it!

    Virginie xo

  3. I also want to know about the film!

    Off to check out all those links now...


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