Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Send Something Good...

I recently took part in the Send Something Good parcel swap, which was rather fun to plan!  My parcel went to Shauna, which I went a bit Scottish themed with, altho annoyingly I don't have a pic of what I sent cause I had to downsize it after the post office tried to charge me a ridiculous amount to post to North America, not impressed! (edit - she just posted a pic here!)

I got an awesome box of goodies from April - she sent SHOES!  Blue shoes!  With high heels!  And only a tiny bit small, that was good guesswork on her part!  I also got a cute bag, tights, fabby jewellery and some much needed mascara, loving it!

Sarah has a list of some of the others that took part - she did a fun linky thing with them that I have no idea how to do, so if you wanna check out some of the other participants head over there!



  1. Those shoes are stunning! So funky.

  2. What a fantastic parcel, the tooled leather bag is beautiful and I'm drooling over those shoes! x

  3. Oh wow, what an amazing parcel...those shoes!

  4. SHOES!!!! Amazing!!!!

    (I can talk you through this, too, you know...)

  5. what an amazing parcel to receive. The shoes look pretty darn special!

  6. You got a nice package and shoes -- wow! They are sure pretty. Thanks again for my package, I really loved it all ;) I added photos to my blog. Take Care.


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