Thursday, 17 May 2012

Waiting for summer...

Cardigan - Topshop Tall
Blouse - charity shop
Shorts - Matalan
Shoes - Minnetonka

Necklace - Claires

Necklace - charity shop

So being that I'm Scottish it seems only right that I moan about the weather - how am I still wearing tights?!  Ok I admittedly love tights and don't quite feel right with bare legs, but I'd still like the option...  I dug out the few items of my summer wardrobe the other day in a fit of optimism, put on my fave floaty white blouse, then...the weather was rubbish.  Now I'm pretty sure summer is gonna occur on one of those days where I work a 13 hour shift, so I guess the way to go is just mash it together with the rest of my wardrobe and see what happens.  I reckon it works anyway.



  1. I've been wearing my summeriest skirts with thick tights and kneehigh boots this week. It totally works. But doesn't make the rain go away.

  2. cute outfit!

  3. You look super cute as always - love those robots! Scarlett x

  4. Absolutely love your shorts my dear! I live and die in tights, I'm kindof scared to go bare legged but made a compromise today by wearing not one but two pairs of tan coloured tights to mask how incredibly pale my pins are, tehe.
    Hope you're enjoying the sunshine sweetie! x


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