Thursday, 7 June 2012

About anxiety...

  Sometimes, I feel weirdly anxious about my life.  Mostly along the lines of 'what the hell are you going to do next month when your hours get cut?!' and 'I have so much stuff.  Must sell stuff on eBay.  Man I hate eBay...' , and of course the question of whether I should move out of this nice wee place I live cause the baby next door WILL NOT SHUT UP (seriously, I don't much like babies in the first place but this one wakes me up on a daily basis).  But last month it got slightly worse and while on the verge of a full blown panic attack, I decided on a whim to move my bed against the wall.  Which brought on a nice calm feeling.  Huh.  

Maybe it's cause I grew up sleeping with my bed against the wall, so it felt familiar.  Maybe it's cause I now have floor space (I love floor space).  It's certainly not cause I now sleep against the same wall as the screamer next door.  But whatever, my bed now feels more cosy and I'm loving the generous amount of carpet I see when I walk in the room.  Result.
Yeah, the after pic was taken with my rather crap phone camera, oops...
Anyone else know what I mean?



  1. Eeeek! A constant baby wail is enough to set the most zen-like of people's nerves on edge. Hope you manage some calm now. x

  2. Although we don't have a baby next to us I do think we have a herd of elephants living above us. Seriously they thud and they thump around all day long. I get what you mean though with carpets - the downside of us having a coffee table is that is hides loads of the living room carpet which bugs me!

  3. Yes. I had a baby upstairs from me once. And a very successful, eh, lady of the night through the wall. One day, I want a house. A detached house. With no neighbours around but the cinema.

    I'm glad moving things around worked for you, though - much less hassle than moving things altogether.

  4. no babies but I have lived with some very, VERY noisy neighbours. Currently we run the gauntlet of the various Polish guys next door with their drinking, fighting, shouting, and singing. The night shift hours, the loud music the slamming doors and honking of car horns at 4am Oy Vey.


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