Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Family Flashbacks - Wedding Season...

  My last Flashbacks!  Ah I had fun doing these posts and looking back on the days before outfit posts (and style, in some cases...).  Everyone loves a wedding though don't they, so I thought I'd save these pics for a separate post and showcase them properly.  There's some loveliness and some eh, not so loveliness here...  Enjoy!
We think this is some of my grandpa's family, not completely sure who though...  I just love the pretty hats and the way it's low maintenance and not all puffy whiteness 

My gran and grandpa's wedding!  I think her dress is complete lacy gorgeousness, and check out the fancy bridesmaid!

My mum (in pink) and uncle at a wedding in the 60s - I couldn't find a better pic of the bride unfortunately but girls dresses are v cute.

My gran's American cousin got married in the 70s - I'm a bit crazy over this dress too, love how simply pretty it is.

Mother's wedding dress - my gran had it stored under a bed so I used to parade around in this as a child, pretending I was a princess.  Clearly I was exposed to too many Disney movies... 

Faff, this one went kinda blurry...  Here I am as a one year old flower girl at the wedding of my mum's cousin - fun fact, I still have the skirt Mother wore to this wedding, see it here

Actually have no idea who these folk are, clearly my uncles friends since he's on the right of this pic...  Just included it cause I have a sewing pattern identical to the bridesmaids dresses and wanna try it out now!

My aunt and uncles wedding - her dress looks just like Mothers, maybe that was the style before all those strapless clones styles came along...

And here's what I wore to the wedding - my very own princess dress!  This was the star of my dressing up wardrobe for a rather long time... My bro went for the more fun route with a polka dot tie :)

Finally, here we are at another family wedding, where I was asked to be bridesmaid and had my heart set on a frilly cream coloured dress...  The reality was slightly different!  But it was a long puffy dress at the end of the day, so I was still princess material!
  Hope everyone enjoyed the series!  Just click the tag below to see all my previous flashbacks posts - there's some real crackers from my childhood years!



  1. Ah love this! Can't beat a few fun old family pictures.
    Your Grandma looks absolutely beautiful in her wedding photo, they really knew how to dress back then =)

  2. How I love your comments about each photograph - and get you and your Princess dress - so cute! I too love the bridesmaid dress in the second image! Although my heart goes with the first and just having a very simple but elegant wedding without all the white - that's how I hope ours came out as being!

  3. Oh wow, I've never seen a tartan bridesmaid dress before, oh my! And that lovely brown backdrop is the same as the one my Mam and Dad had on their wedding day in 1981, how ... festive!

  4. Its really interesting to see how the styles have changed over the decades and you look cute in your dresses, especially the tartan one.

  5. Your gran and grandpa's wedding photo is GORGEOUS!

  6. wow, how cool, things really change over the years. So many great dresses. The character of each dress is so fab x

  7. Really interesting post! My Nan enjoyed looking at these too x x x

  8. Really interesting post! My Nan enjoyed looking at these too x x x


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