Monday, 11 June 2012

I did it again...

Tshirt - River Island
Trousers - River Island (here)
Loafers - F&F via eBay

Cross necklace - Topman
Silver and gold necklace - charity shop

Yeah... more River Island sale goodies!  Sometimes it just seems easier to style new clothes tho right?  I was feeling all summery when I put this on Friday to go visit my friend, who was serving time at an epilepsy hospital last week, and was not very happy about all the wires he was hooked up to.  Luckily he was allowed to escape the next day, so all good!  I had to drive a very faffy 'road to nowhere' to get there - all was going well until I had to pass thru a village with roads closed off for the Olympic torch.  My sat nav did not like that, and so much swearing was done...  Is it just me being unpatriotic or does it seem very 21st century to be all excited over a giant inconvenience like someone running along a blocked off road with a flame in their hand?  Admittedly the Queens Jubilee was an impressive feat by her majesty, but since my work doesn't do bank holidays, it's just another thing I can't drum up excitement for...  But then that might just be my avoidance of crowds of people talking!



  1. They JUST closed off my road for the torch coming through this afternoon. They're doing soundchecks for the street party just now and the cats are terrified... but the stage is so big and shiny, I'm kind of feeling excited about it. I don't know - it's daft, but it's kind of nice to have things to feel patriotic about now and then.

  2. vertical and horizontal stripes together, but it really works! I find it easier to style new pieces, but it must be all in my head too!

  3. Loving the contrasting stripes!
    I managed to book the bank holiday off as I had plans, but it does annoy me when the papers say things like 'the country has a day off!'. Who do they think are running pubs, shops, hospitals, taxis, etc etc?

  4. Love those pants! They really work with the red shoes =)
    I'm glad your friend is OK

  5. I think it's all quite exciting but then I am a complete Olympics nerd!

    How do you find these fab things in the RI sale?! I drew a complete blank when I was attempting to find something nice in there. Grrr.

  6. Ah yes - I agree on the new clothes thing. Old clothing seems harder to revive and make look "fresh"

  7. Wow fantastic jeans. You look amazing.

    X x

  8. I love your trousers! xxx

  9. Those trousers are absolutely lovely, and that first photo is so lovely! x


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