Monday, 18 June 2012

In the details...

Made from this tutorial....kinda

Robot necklace - Claires
Chain necklace - Burton
Cross - Topman

Pom pom ring - H&M
Skull and cross rings - Topman
Silver ring - from Mother

White T - Target
Blue T - F&F via charity shop
Leggings - Topshop Tall
Shoes - Topshop

  I wasn't much fussed on this round of outfit pics so I decided to highlight the details instead - loving the latest addition to my tiny ring collection, a random pom pom one from H&M last week.  Was thinking about putting googly eyes on it, but then no-one would take me seriously ever again... ;)  And I'm loving my new tie dye leggings too - Topshop Tall may not have stuff I actually need, like work trousers, but they sure have some way more fun things to tempt me!  So yeah, the theme of this outfit is 'fun' apparently.

  How was everyones week?  I managed to hurt my hip while out running on Wednesday and spent the rest of the week barely able to walk - my nurse friend thinks I have tissue damage but the doctor should confirm it this morning.  Then I had the pleasure of cracking my tooth on a cookie on Saturday, which made a filling fall out on Sunday.  Bad luck better only come in threes...



  1. Oops these photos come up HUGE on my computer but at least you can really see the details haha!

    LOVE the robots! And the leggings =)

  2. Those robots are too cute!

  3. Those leggings are wonderful!
    Get an ice pack on that hip and shower rather than bathe (with my background I'm a bit of a hip geek). Hope that tooth gets sorted soon. x

  4. Hrm, I see what you mean about the photos...

    Incidentally, if you didn't see my reply, YES I'm totally looking for blogs to practise design on right now.

  5. cute bracelet, I'm tempted to try something similar myself :)


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