Friday, 29 June 2012

In my bag...

  I seem to have seem a lot of these post floating about lately and thought I'd add my two cents to it.  Plus since I take my pictures indoors mostly, my bag doesn't really feature.  Currently I'm going between an actual handbag from Topshop and this v handy camera bag I found for £1.50 in a charity shop a few months ago.  Its just the right size for my camera to sit nicely alongside my other 'necessities'...

(not sure how the random HP sauce ended up in there...)
  If I was using the actual handbag my Mason Pearson and at least one book would also be shoved in, guess the space challenges of this bag are a good thing!  I always have my iPod, phone, house and work keys and my purse on me.  And a hairbrush.  And I'm a bit fussy about dry hands so hand cream too.  Depending on what work I've been doing there could be a fair few USBs floating around.  Also here is my notebook, an Easter card I've been using as a bookmark, a first aid pocket guide, various pharmaceuticals and some hair clips.  See, all necessities!

  Anything I'm missing?  Or am I really carrying around too much crap?



  1. I'm just like you (I too found HP sauce in my bag recently), everything has to come with me. I could never make do with a clutch.

  2. i carry way too much stuff in my bag as well,, it's crazy haha! i totally love that camera! so cool!

    if you have time, please do check out my newest blog:

  3. That's one nice camera bag and a total steal! Loving the HP sachet!

  4. I always have gloves in mine because I am *always* cold. Especially this year.

    I have camera envy right now. :)

  5. That camera bag is perfect! I am still looking for a nice, reasonably priced one to keep my camera safe in. I lvoe that you use it as an ordinary bag too!

  6. Hmm, I found a sugar sachet in m bag the other day but no HP!! That camera bag was an absolute steal, I need to find a better way of carrying my DSLR around as I just don't bother taking it out with me at the mo :(

    Totally in the middle of composing a Summer list BTW and will be joining you in your Super Summer :)

    Also, don't know if I ever thanked you for your RFL sponsorship so thank you! (Or thanks again!) xx

  7. No HP packets in Canada. I'd sell my first born for some!


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