Sunday, 17 June 2012

Let's talk about a magical dream world...

...or to put it another way, that place in my head I go when I read books.  Depending on how all consuming the story is, I can come away from a book in a bit of a daze and almost totally convinced these characters exist in some parallel world somewhere. (thanks Phillip Pullman!)  Really it just makes my life seem less boring, but even when I'm not reading a total fantasy novel, I still look at each story in a different way to real life.  Like the way my life could be if I was a more exciting person.  When I was a kid, being a published author was my longest held ambition - followed by librarian when I realised I was actually a terrible writer with no chance of passing Higher English ;)  So now I just spend a ridiculous amount of time in the local library, buried in stories of people far more brave/interesting/mysterious than I am.  Which suits me just fine.

Recently I got my hands on tickets to meet one of my most favourite writers, Christopher Paolini, creator of the Inheritance cycle.  Now I'm not much into sci fi/history books, but these ones just captured my imagination right from the start.  (A boy finding a dragon egg and becoming a saviour of a nation, while his cousin battles to keep the woman he loves safe - yes please.)  He turned out to be a really interesting person too, and took so much time to talk to everyone during the signing part - I asked if my favourite character is killed off in the last book, he wouldn't tell me though, damn!  I'm still working my way thru it, so far he's still living...
My friend got hers signed for her mums birthday, wish I could have seen her face when she opened it!

This pic is a terrible angle but at least proves I met him! :)
 Also lately I've been working my way thru some old favourites to pass on to my friend - I don't have a huge book collection but decided to get rid of some I've read a few times, the library just has so much I want to read it seems pointless to keep going back to old stories!

  'What if' is insansely cheesy chic lit about a woman tracking down old flames, but in a fun way - 'About a Boy' is hilarious, with a different ending to the movie but some of the same lines are in there, love when they do that - 'The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets' is a lot like 'I Capture the Castle', makes me want to be in that story - 'Marley and Me' is a moving and laugh out loud memoir liable to put anyone off owning a dog... - 'The Broken Bridge' is a stand alone Phillip Pullman about a girl uncovering family secrets - 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' was procured when I learned the movie was coming out, it skips between the story of a boy who loses his father in 9/11 and a love story of the past which ties things together... (and has random pictures in it, love!)  The past story all but disappears in the movie tho, so I'd recommend the book if you want a more in depth experience!

  Recently I also discovered new favourites 'When God was a Rabbit', 'The Brave' and 'Oystercatchers', if anyone's looking for summer reading I can highly recommend all of them!

  Anyone want to share their fave books/writers with me?  I'm always looking for something new to read, especially with my birthday list taking shape for next month!



  1. I ventured into the library 2 weeks ago for the first time in so long. I picked up a Graham Green book and have reserved I Capture the Castle too, which I have heard a lot about. So pleased to be getting back into reading novels again, I'd really got out of the way of it, after being a totally voracious reader as a child.

  2. I don't need a libraby with the amount of unread books on my shelf (one of which is When God Was a Rabbit so may go there next). How exciting to meet an author you love - and you asked an interesting question - I always get tongue tied in those situations! xx

  3. *Library, obviously, not libraby!!


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