Thursday, 28 June 2012

More fun knitwear...

Jumper - eBay
Vest - M&S
Trousers - River Island (here)
Shoes - F&F via eBay

Black bracelets - H&M
Heart bracelet - found on beach...
  This was Mondays outfit.  I had a rather nice day off after working the weekend (Saturday mostly involved management training, one was not impressed), even if the weather didn't fancy playing nice.  So it was a changing seasons type outfit...  The jumper I found on eBay a few weeks ago for 99 lovely pennies, it's not especially thick but will be good for layering in a few months.  I popped/limped down to the gym to change my pass to a swimming one so I'm not tempted to try my luck at running again before August, which will save me money apparently, except I have to buy a swimsuit...heh.  Tempted to just get a tankini top to wear with some bikini bottoms, unless any tall girls out there know where I can get a swimsuit for a reasonable price?

  Mother also got a rare day off, so she came up to go shopping and got me some work shoes and a fabby jumper from Topman - Mickey AND New York?!  Loving it!



  1. Can't believe you got this for 99p! Wowzer, love it!

    I gave up on swimsuits a long time ago, looking for a tankini so I can start going to the local pool - a bikini seems a bit much! x

  2. Another crazy jumper for a bargain price, sad you've still got to wear one in mid June though! x

  3. Try Debenhams for a swimsuit. They're not specifically tall, but I got a couple that were labelled 14L (as opposed to 14R) and they are fine for me at 5'11". Plus, there's probably a sale on about now.


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