Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Super Summer Plan...

 When Rebecca asked for participants for her Summer Bucket List plan, I was already jumping on board.  In a few weeks my work hours will be cut (more on that in the future) and given half the chance, I WILL waste whole days on end watching Big Bang Theory and eating crisps.  Which I likely won't even be able to afford... So I need to come up with a plan to amuse myself in the free time.  Enter my Super Summer Plan!  Below is a list of activities I wanna do this summer - I'm counting summer until Cubs go back on Sept 6th, so plenty time to crack on with being productive!

  • Learn to make friendship bracelets
  • Knit 2 items
  • Sew 2 items
  • Cycle somewhere other than work
  • Eat breakfast out
  • Cook 2 meals from scratch (pasta bake doesn't count!)
  • Finish the Inheritance books
  • Catch up on 90210 (so far I'm half way thru season 1 so...)
  • Go to IMAX again - possibly for Spiderman?
  • Have a BBQ 
  • Go urban exploring with my friend
  • Embrace running outside (was going well til I hurt my hip...) 
  • Have a birthday cocktail
  • Live on £10 for a week
  • Run the Great Scottish Run (this depends on the progress of the hip healing :/)
  • Rewatch all my DVD movies
  • Read through my book stack

  (I typed up this post then went to the doctor about my hip/leg hurt.  Apparently I've done muscle damage and am definitely not allowed to run for at least 6 weeks.  And then I've to start from scratch.  And I'm also not allowed near the gym for weeks.  Words can't describe how mad I am at myself right now...)

 I reckon I've chosen attainable goals here - nothing too exciting but I know myself well enough to know that if I put something outrageous on there I'll just give up, not really the point of it!  Does anyone else have any summer goals?  Feel free to share them and give me some inspiration!



  1. Quite a varied list of things to do! It must be so frustrating that you're injured :( Is there any chance of finding a second job to make up the hours? x

  2. I love lists, I've been thinking of doing something similar but just with fun things I want to do rather then goals. I really want to have a weekend away somewhere, maybe one abroad and one in this country and I really want to make the most of summer and go to as many local events as possible and have loads of picnics, just need some sun shine xxx

  3. Now something like this is just what I need to give me a kick up the bum - will go and have a look at Rebecca's blog now.

    So frustrating about the running. BUT best to rest rather than risk doing yourself a mischief! Look forward to seeing how you get on with your list xx

  4. TEN POUNDS?! You need an award if you can do it. Rooting for you!

  5. Ooh good luck! Hope you're able to tick a few things off. Look forward to seeing your sewing and knitting projects too

  6. Pasta bake doesn't count? Damn... there goes me claiming I help out with the cooking now and then...

    At least not running means you'll have more time for everything else. :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Oops I'm sorry I had two windows open at the same time and put the wrong comments in the wrong window! What a numpty!!!
    What I wanted to say was...

    I think this is a super idea and a great way to keep you motivated, I do this kind of thing all the time but I'm useless at ticking them off, probably because I also spend too much time watching the big bang theory:)

    I also wanted to let you know (if you hadn't guessed already:)) I have given you a One lovely Blog Award, which you can see what its all about over at mine!

    I know the these kind of things aren't every ones cup of tea so I won't be offended if you don't pass it along, I just wanted you you know I really love reading your blog even though I'm rubbish at commenting :)

    Have a great weekend! x


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