Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stars and stripes...

Tshirt - River Island
Jeans - Topshop Tall
Converse - gift

Necklace - Accessorize

Black bracelets - H&M
Heart bracelet - found on beach...
Mickey bracelet - Disney World
The Office wristband - NBC store
Skull ring - Topman

  Apologies for the lack of posting, I've been laying low for the past few weeks - you know when a couple of things go wrong with life, everything seems to go wrong after that?  Yeah, that's what's been happening!  Sigh...  I'm on holiday from work this week tho, excellent to have a break but I'm dreading the mess when I go back!  By then I'll be 27 tho, so maybe I'll be able to look at things with an older and wiser view... (ha!)

  I've got lots to keep me busy this week - we're doing a Brave event at work next weekend so I'm sewing up tartan badges and we're all gonna wear kilts and do face painting, plus I've only got 2 books left to read in my stash and I'm determined to finish them!  Also on the go is my sweater knitting, friendship bracelet making and   tv watching - I sure know how to rock a week off!  The tv watching will definitely stall if Mother decides to watch the Olympics again all night - apart from that mens swimming thing last night I find it all very boring I'm afraid...  Guess I'll use the time productively and produce some more blog posts!

  Happy Sunday!


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My Super Summer Plan - An Update...

  My original Super Summer Plan can be found here.  To be honest, progress has been slow so far, altho I have been working more than usual so I'm gonna blame that ;)  This week I'm determined to crack on with having fun!

One of my goals was to read through my book stash.  This part has been going rather well - I finished the bottom half and am now reading between Birdsong and The Age of Absurdity (both have been rather slow starters so keep getting bored and switching!)  Before that I reread Adrian Mole, which is now going to my friend (cause I think everyone should read the first two hilarious books), and How to be a Woman.  Or rather I tried to read the latter, it was a bit rude and rambling for my taste (a whole chapter on what to call your lady parts?  Really?).  Lullaby was ok but Room I loved, I read it in a day.  Once you get used to it being narrated from the point of view of a five year old, it's really engrossing.  Unfortunately, yesterday I wandered into a charity shop and accidentally bought more books...but I now know there's more Adrian Mole books!  And I found a book that was in my Amazon wish list, so for 30p I had to have it ;)

I got a pack of embroidery thread from Wilkinsons to start on my friendship bracelet making (£3.45 for 20 colours, my kind of deal!) and I also dug out a half knitted jumper, unravelled it and started something more interesting!

 Also on my list was to rewatch my dvds, which I started with Wedding Crashers on pizza night, but I decided to bring my video player to Mothers house earlier and watch some old favourites instead.  Somehow I remembered every word to Joseph, must be because I watched it a million billion times around age 15 (yeah, I was THAT kid, spending the weekends singing show tunes in my room).  In fact all of these videos were probably watched that often, Hunchback and Hanson had distinctly wavy pictures...  They really make you appreciate digital cinema tho, the picture quality seemed appalling in comparison!

  Lucy and Alex have also taken up the challenge, so go share your support!


Monday, 9 July 2012

Orange awesomeness and work stuff...

Shirt - Marc Jacobs via charity shop
Vest - M&S
Leggings - Topshop Tall (here)
Converse - TK Maxx

  Can you tell I'm a bit in love with this shirt?  I found it when I got my fabby new cardigan, good day for charity shopping!  It's a mens XL which means its truly massive on me, but it has the longest sleeves ever and it's ORANGE with POLKA DOTS!  And polka dots always win ;)

  Last week I worked 6 days straight due to things changing over.  My work decided to follow Cineworlds lead and get rid of most of their projectionists - luckily I managed to hold onto my job and became Operations Supervisor (basically in charge of all projection and maintenance, as well as doing managerial stuff front of house) but my colleague, a projectionist for 40 years, opted for redundancy.  My best friend worked between our site and another one, and he also went for redundancy.  It's so weird not having him around, he did most of my training in the first place and was handy to call for advice when things went wrong!  Only time will tell how I adjust to being in front of guests again - it's certainly a change from what I'm used to...  But I'm willing to embrace it! (eh, right now anyway, the next time someone's rude to me I may change my tune ;))

  Hope everyone had a fab weekend, I have a lovely day off today and I'm determined to make the most of it!


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Faff Favourites...

I've been a bit obsessed with Randoms lately, there's never enough foamy ones in the bag tho!
I'm also obsessed with these leopard pumps from River Island, may be about time I bought my first non Converse trainers in about 10 years!

Another globe necklace!

These Toy Stories are so funny...

Sarah did a post about my new blog design, yay!

Some very good advice for figuring things out...

Try things.

LOTS of things.

Don’t get attached to obvious titles or tracks.

Examine your feelings.

See what lights you up.

Do more of that, and less of the other shit.

Repeat for approximately 100 years.

Well done!

The end.


Friday, 6 July 2012

Happy clothes...

Jumper - Topman
Skirt - Topshop
Converse - gift

  Doesn't this jumper just make you smile?!  I was doing my usual raiding of Topmans sale rails when I came across it last week - plus Disney AND New York on one jumper definitely makes me happy ;)  Probably a good thing, because these pics were taken to a backdrop of my neighbours yelling at each other again.  At the risk of sounding judgemental, I really don't get folk that yell and scream and nag just to get their point across - surely talking calmly and rationally isn't that hard a thing to do?!  I've been in relationships that have became extremely frustrating at points and when it seems like all you can do is shout at each other, it seems a bit pointless to me...  But each to their own I guess!


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Every night should be pizza night...

  I was recently contacted about reviewing Domino's pizza menu, most specifically their new deal 'Feed Four for £5 Each', which of course I said yes to, cause who doesn't love free pizza?  Very good decision on my part, it was totally yummy.  The deal involves two pizzas (we went large, I was feeding 3 grown men and my bottomless pit self...), garlic bread, potato wedges and a bottle of Coca Cola.  Then I added some mozzarella sticks and cookies with ice cream as extras - actually the deal could probably do with adding a dessert to it, to me a meal without something sugary afterwards seems incomplete!  It was worth it tho, gooey chocolatey goodness :)

  Afterwards we all watched Wedding Crashers in a bit of pleasantly full stupor - definitely one of my better dinners this week!
Got a veggie pizza and a meat one, plus some dipping sauces - the sweet chilli one was so good!
Thumbs up from Moffat!
Cookies!  They turned up all warm and gooey, heaven!


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Polka dots and blog makeovers...

Shirt - Marc Jacobs via charity shop
Dress - H&M via charity shop
Wedges - Next 

Gold chains - Topshop
Black beads - charity shop
  First of all, isn't my new layout gorgeous?!  The awesome Sarah asked if she could give me a redesign since I kept pestering her on how to do bloggy things (my computer knowledge is scarily bad...) and here's the outcome!  So pretty...  She's going to be offering blog designs on a Pay What You Can basis soon, so if you want a lovely new look do get in touch with her through her blog - mine was done to my own (very fussy) specifications but I've seen some of her other work and she's clearly good at working out what people want!

  Ok second of all!  This is my outfit from my day out on Sunday - my friends and I went for lunch then to see Friends with Kids, which was disappointingly predictable and overlong, plus the supporting cast (basically the Bridesmaid cast...) were sadly underused.  BUT worth a watch if your only other option is a screen full of kiddies in Ice Age 4... (not if Rock of Ages is on tho - see Rock of Ages!)  

  Today I finally got a new phone, can't tell you how lost I've been without apps!  That's incredibly sad actually...  But I'm back on Twitter so that's all that matters! 


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Faff Favourites...

Made Mother a Faff Sundae Special - with much embellishment!

Found a fab photography site, Dear Photograph, thru Sarahs blog

Love this brooch DIY - so simple!

And this magnet one - I'm thinking dinosaurs!

This made me laugh for a good hour when I first saw it.  I'm still chuckling.  Seriously, that whole site is pure gold...

I'm scheduling this post today cause I'm off seeing Friends with Kids (and eating a huge lunch at Frankie and Bennys most likely!) Had to drive an hour to Glasgow to get a showing of it tho, while my work gets stuck with Ice Age 4 - in 2D and 3D of course, lucky us...

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