Thursday, 5 July 2012

Every night should be pizza night...

  I was recently contacted about reviewing Domino's pizza menu, most specifically their new deal 'Feed Four for £5 Each', which of course I said yes to, cause who doesn't love free pizza?  Very good decision on my part, it was totally yummy.  The deal involves two pizzas (we went large, I was feeding 3 grown men and my bottomless pit self...), garlic bread, potato wedges and a bottle of Coca Cola.  Then I added some mozzarella sticks and cookies with ice cream as extras - actually the deal could probably do with adding a dessert to it, to me a meal without something sugary afterwards seems incomplete!  It was worth it tho, gooey chocolatey goodness :)

  Afterwards we all watched Wedding Crashers in a bit of pleasantly full stupor - definitely one of my better dinners this week!
Got a veggie pizza and a meat one, plus some dipping sauces - the sweet chilli one was so good!
Thumbs up from Moffat!
Cookies!  They turned up all warm and gooey, heaven!



  1. Lucky you - no-one ever contacts ME to offer free pizza! :( Those mozzarella sticks look a bit gorgeous!

  2. I've kind of abandoned Dominoes pizzas since moving - even though they are out here in the States there's so many other nicer pizzas out there. Although i'd never turn down a free pizza!

  3. Free pizza? score! I've only ever had a Domino's pizza once and that was in India. x

  4. Yet again, my stomach is rumbling again. Pizza and cookies, yes please!

  5. oh my god, no way. all of this looks so amazing!
    i didn't know domino's was selling cookies now? i don't know what it is about the pizza/cookie combo, but i could live off of it for the rest of my life. ahhh, love it!


  6. I disagree. Some nights should be steak nights, others buckets of chicken night. But then again, if someone offers me free pizza every night, I wouldn’t say no to that. Heh.

    Also, Domino’s soft-batch cookies are superb! Especially those Triple Chocolate cookies. Guaranteed sugar high with one bite!

    Carlene Boley

  7. I guess you can also try fro-yo nights or pasta nights. Hehe! Anyway, I'm also a pizza fan, and I think I you'll be able to taste all the available pizza flavors after a month of pizza nights. :)

    I just hope you choose healthy ingredients for your pizza. You can look for stores that have these pizzas on their menu. You can probably get a franchise, if you want to start your own business. ^_^


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