Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My Super Summer Plan - An Update...

  My original Super Summer Plan can be found here.  To be honest, progress has been slow so far, altho I have been working more than usual so I'm gonna blame that ;)  This week I'm determined to crack on with having fun!

One of my goals was to read through my book stash.  This part has been going rather well - I finished the bottom half and am now reading between Birdsong and The Age of Absurdity (both have been rather slow starters so keep getting bored and switching!)  Before that I reread Adrian Mole, which is now going to my friend (cause I think everyone should read the first two hilarious books), and How to be a Woman.  Or rather I tried to read the latter, it was a bit rude and rambling for my taste (a whole chapter on what to call your lady parts?  Really?).  Lullaby was ok but Room I loved, I read it in a day.  Once you get used to it being narrated from the point of view of a five year old, it's really engrossing.  Unfortunately, yesterday I wandered into a charity shop and accidentally bought more books...but I now know there's more Adrian Mole books!  And I found a book that was in my Amazon wish list, so for 30p I had to have it ;)

I got a pack of embroidery thread from Wilkinsons to start on my friendship bracelet making (£3.45 for 20 colours, my kind of deal!) and I also dug out a half knitted jumper, unravelled it and started something more interesting!

 Also on my list was to rewatch my dvds, which I started with Wedding Crashers on pizza night, but I decided to bring my video player to Mothers house earlier and watch some old favourites instead.  Somehow I remembered every word to Joseph, must be because I watched it a million billion times around age 15 (yeah, I was THAT kid, spending the weekends singing show tunes in my room).  In fact all of these videos were probably watched that often, Hunchback and Hanson had distinctly wavy pictures...  They really make you appreciate digital cinema tho, the picture quality seemed appalling in comparison!

  Lucy and Alex have also taken up the challenge, so go share your support!



  1. Ah, I gave away my video player, and there is such a huge stash of disney vids whcih I would quite like to watch again. Maybe I need to track myself down a player. Love the idea of a summer list.

  2. Birdsong is one of my most favourite books of all time, bear with it, it's amazing. x

  3. Wow, busy summer for you. Mind you, it's been perfect weather for book reading and video watching :(


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