Monday, 9 July 2012

Orange awesomeness and work stuff...

Shirt - Marc Jacobs via charity shop
Vest - M&S
Leggings - Topshop Tall (here)
Converse - TK Maxx

  Can you tell I'm a bit in love with this shirt?  I found it when I got my fabby new cardigan, good day for charity shopping!  It's a mens XL which means its truly massive on me, but it has the longest sleeves ever and it's ORANGE with POLKA DOTS!  And polka dots always win ;)

  Last week I worked 6 days straight due to things changing over.  My work decided to follow Cineworlds lead and get rid of most of their projectionists - luckily I managed to hold onto my job and became Operations Supervisor (basically in charge of all projection and maintenance, as well as doing managerial stuff front of house) but my colleague, a projectionist for 40 years, opted for redundancy.  My best friend worked between our site and another one, and he also went for redundancy.  It's so weird not having him around, he did most of my training in the first place and was handy to call for advice when things went wrong!  Only time will tell how I adjust to being in front of guests again - it's certainly a change from what I'm used to...  But I'm willing to embrace it! (eh, right now anyway, the next time someone's rude to me I may change my tune ;))

  Hope everyone had a fab weekend, I have a lovely day off today and I'm determined to make the most of it!



  1. Hope you're enjoying your day off! Operations Supervisor sounds very swanky, hope you get a badge. x

  2. Can't beat orange polka dots!
    I am sorry your friends had to take redundancy - that's never easy. All the best in your new role though!


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