Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Polka dots and blog makeovers...

Shirt - Marc Jacobs via charity shop
Dress - H&M via charity shop
Wedges - Next 

Gold chains - Topshop
Black beads - charity shop
  First of all, isn't my new layout gorgeous?!  The awesome Sarah asked if she could give me a redesign since I kept pestering her on how to do bloggy things (my computer knowledge is scarily bad...) and here's the outcome!  So pretty...  She's going to be offering blog designs on a Pay What You Can basis soon, so if you want a lovely new look do get in touch with her through her blog - mine was done to my own (very fussy) specifications but I've seen some of her other work and she's clearly good at working out what people want!

  Ok second of all!  This is my outfit from my day out on Sunday - my friends and I went for lunch then to see Friends with Kids, which was disappointingly predictable and overlong, plus the supporting cast (basically the Bridesmaid cast...) were sadly underused.  BUT worth a watch if your only other option is a screen full of kiddies in Ice Age 4... (not if Rock of Ages is on tho - see Rock of Ages!)  

  Today I finally got a new phone, can't tell you how lost I've been without apps!  That's incredibly sad actually...  But I'm back on Twitter so that's all that matters! 



  1. Love the polka dots!
    The new layout is great too =)

  2. Loving the Marc Jacobs great charity shop find!

  3. no really, don't see Rock of Ages.

  4. The mere thought of Rock of ages makes me feel a bit ill!
    Love your Marc Jacobs spotty shirt, what a fabulous find, looks gorgeous on you! x

  5. Hello there! I saw you on Sophie's twitter tab mentioning polka dots so I just HAD to come over! Your shirt is really cute and what a find, Marc Jacobs! The whole outfit is lovely! I totally get the 'can't do the techy thing'. I made a general plea last week for someone to explain in easy terms how to put the GFC bar on my blog and even after instructions, it took 40 minutes! Inadvertantly, I somehow changed my blog template too! Yours looks lovely and clear to read.
    Nice to meet you!

  6. your polka dot shirt is amezzing, what a brilliant find! Love your new blog layout, it all looks grand now.
    I'd quite like to see Rock of Ages actually and Ice Age 4. I'm a big kid at heart :)

  7. Love the two different size polka dots! Everything is better when it's spotty. xx


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