Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How to make super quick pompoms!

  So it's time to start knitting tiny hats again - the Innocent Big Knit is back!  I'm knitting them for our local Age UK this year - if they get over 1500 hats they get a share in the proceeds, so for the next month my needles will be going crazy trying to beat my target from 2 years ago (93!  Last year I did something like 7, let's just forget about that...).  My friend's mum is collecting them so I don't even have to do all the faffing with postage part, yay :)  She also taught me a super quick method for making pompoms, which was actually the thing that put me off making them last year - spending ages wrapping wool round cardboard wasn't exactly exciting OR quick...  These ones aren't quite so perfect, but they take a fraction of the time, which definitely makes them a winner!

  Right, let's get started!

1 - First, choose your wool and wrap about this amount round two fingers (about 2 layers)

- If using more than one colour, wrap the next one round the top of that, or you can wind them both at the same time.

2 - Now the fiddly part - slip the wool off your fingers and onto your lap, then tie a length of wool around the middle (double knotting it obviously!)

3 - Grab your wool in one hand and some sharp scissors in the other (taking care to keep your fingers out the way...) and cut along the loops on both sides.

4 - Holding on to the tie strings, give it a shake out, trim the longer bits and voila!  One super quick, super cute pompom for your tiny hat!

  If you want bigger pompoms just use more fingers and wool - I've mostly made wee ones but the two blue striped hats in the top pic were done using three fingers, so you can see a difference.  

  Anyone else knitting tiny hats?  Direct me to your pics for inspiration!



  1. What a great tip, I love pom-poms but the cardboard method is so time consuming! x

  2. Pom pom making has to be my least favorite knitting related thing, so this tutorial is Fabulous I shall definitely be giving this a go!! xx

  3. Ah brilliant! Seems so obvious now I've seen it haha! Any chance of a tutorial for the little hats, for not-very-good-knitters?! x

  4. Cute! So much more appealing than the cardboard doughnuts.

  5. Great little tutorial! I am so not crafty but these look cute and simple =)

  6. What a great tip, this is going in my DIY folder :)


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