Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Saturday Sun...

  Saturday was one of those excellent random days where all the right elements come together at once - best friends came home, the sun came out and my camera battery was fully charged.  We went out for a pub lunch, where I had my usual two beers and got a only a tiny bit giggly...  Then we took Mhairi's dogs a walk and got ice cream and did some of our famous posing in the bandstand.  I'm really getting to like these sunny days ;)

I was pretending Mhairi was Elizabeth Bennett here ;)

I'm wearing an M&S T, vintage skirt and Converse.  Mhairi wears a cute maxi dress and Crocs that are apparently suitable for walking but admittedly ugly...

Bounty ice cream - mineminemine

Oh look, my future husband on a pack of kids sweets!

  Our new catchphrase has become 'See you in Wales!'  Less than six weeks to our hols, can hardly wait!  If anyone has any tips for stuff to do in North Wales feel free to share, none of us have been there before so any insider tips would be helpful - I'm determined to find a fun swimming pool, John wants to climb a mountain and Mhairi just wants to sleep and watch Downton Abbey.  Which sounds pretty awesome to me...  Davy and Moffat are clearly just gonna let us get on with it, so we have loads more fun still to plan!



  1. tattoo inside? Winner! North Wales has some nice little beaches if I remember correctly. I love to head up Snowdon and into the national park. Will let you know if my memory dredges up anything slightly more useful x

  2. Yes for North Wales!! If you head towards Llandudno you can go and find the new Alice in Wonderland statues, go on the cable car up the Orme from Happy Valley and go on the ski slope. Also there's the pier and lots of little touristy shops. I love it there.
    Or Conwy isn't far, and has a rather fab castle. Whereabouts are you staying?

  3. How fabulously happy you all look, a sign of a day spent in great company! x

  4. Caernarfon Castle is worth a visit, there isn't [or at least wasn't when we visit a good couple of years ago] much to do in the town but the castle makes up for it.

  5. Mmmm... Bounty ice cream! Looks like such a fun day.

    And the only thing I know about Wales: Portmeirion. I took my first ever photograph there, it's where The prisoner was filmed and I might have been little but I remember it as being amazing.


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