Thursday, 13 September 2012

Faff Guide to American TV shows

Despite saying in the past that I hardly watch any tv, I do in fact watch a fair few tv SHOWS, I just do it through my computer, since very few of my favourites can keep up on British tv, or indeed even make any kind of appearance on this countries limited channels.  Here's a few I can't wait to get back to this season...

 Parks and Recreation - without a doubt my favourite from last year, and in fact just about every year of its four season run.  It. Is. Hilarious.  Think The Office but set in a local council building, with the Jim and Pam of the group being the far more entertaining Andy and April.  Best TV couple ever.

Up All Night - follows a couple who unexpectedly have a child and their journey raising her, while juggling work and crazy neighbours, plus Reagan's diva boss Ava (Maya Rudolph at her absolute best).  Another super comedy show that started last year, fingers crossed this season lives up to the first!

Once Upon a Time - eh, somehow the only non comedy show in the list!  The story of fairytale characters sent to live in our world (unaware of who they really are), it somehow doesn't end up being too cutesy by going back and forth between the realms, and has filled a Smallville shaped hole in my viewing :) (even if, like that, they all have perfect hair all the time.  I WISH.)

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 -  this stars James Van Der Beek taking the piss out of himself.  And if that doesn't sway you, Krysten Ritter is superbly ridiculous as the title character Chloe.

Modern Family - I've actually got my mum into watching this, which never happens, so it must be good!  After 3 seasons, I'm looking forward to seeing how the family develops now the kids are older and possibly turning into their hilarious dad Phil ('I'm cool dad, that's my thang. I'm hip, I surf the web, I text. LOL: laugh out loud, OMG: oh my god, WTF: why the face')

I'm also looking forward to The Mindy Project, praying 30 Rock will improve and tolerating The Office and How I Met Your Mother, if only because I know the end is in sight... and I can't give up without knowing who that gosh darn mother is!  (and it better be GOOD dammit!)

Any recommendations for me?



  1. I love Parks and Rec and agree that it has held up well quality wise. Hopefully this season will continue to deliver and since Lesley is now councillor there'll be a whole load of new scenerios.
    I also tolerate The Office - they should have ended it on a high a few seasons ago really.
    I also enjoy Community and my husband watches Eastbound and Down (haven't seen it yet) and Breaking Bad but I dislike BB because I find it really stressful to watch - ha ha, so silly!

  2. Argh, I'm at the same point with HIMYM. It's gone totally off the boil (which is annoying cos it was SO good to start with) and yet I must know how it ends!

    I haven't really ventured into American comedy much. Big Bang Theory and the boxsets of That 70s Show do me nicely :)

  3. The end of September is busy with us for all the shows returning we have The Mentalist, NCIS, The Big Bang Theory and a show called Vegas is starting too - our nights are getting booked up with TV watching again.

  4. I was so surprised to like Don't Trust the B---- but wasn't it great? Total kudos for James van der Beek for mocking himself so much!

    I'm at the same point with HIMYM. I hated that Zoey girl and the last series just didn't work for me - Marshall and Ted in particular both kept saying and doing things which just weren't convincing for those characters. But the end *must* be close if Ted's supposed to be holding a newborn baby in three years time...

  5. 30 rock is great, so dry and witty. also has will arnett as a recurring guest role in it, I agree he's brilliant. but everyone in that show is brilliant, btw.

    arrested development. also starring will arnett. i've watched this dozens of times and still laugh. the jokes all build on themselves so it just gets funnier and funnier.

    flight of the conchords. not quite american exactly, since the stars are new zealanders, but it chronicles these two very naive musicians who've just moved to new york. very adorable and silly, also lots of spoof songs that are brilliant (i know i've said that a lot but I mean it)

  6. I love up all night and am looking forward to it returning as Stevie Nicks is in the new season!!
    I stopped watching The Office ages ago as it should of finished like the uk office years ago.
    Looking forward to the return of the Big Bang Theory...Sheldon I just love him.
    Also looking forward to more New Girl and Mike and Molly.
    I am trying my best not to give but on HIMYM but the joke is wearing thin!!

  7. I don't watch much TV, but I'm completely obsessed with Modern Family at the moment: I think we must have watched over a dozen episodes in the past week alone - so, so funny!

  8. You've got to check out GRIMM - my fav show!


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