Monday, 10 September 2012

Jumpers and tights and all things nice...

Jumper - Topman
Dress - F&F via charity shop
Boots - New Look

  You can kinda tell I got a bit overexcited the other day when the cool weather made a brief reappearance - 'omg it's COLD out I'm gonna wear a jumper and boots and tights and ooh maybe I'll wear a hat too nah hat doesn't go faff never mind I'll just embrace being windswept!'  Needless to say, it's not been quite as cold since, so my jumper got retired again...  I'm back to wearing tights at work tho so yay!  This dress was another of my 10p bargains - evidently the zip had broken at some point so the previous owner had just sewn it shut, useful...  Luckily it's 2 sizes too big anyway so I just slipped it over my head and was good to go!



  1. Florence and Fred are notorious for their zips breaking!

  2. i like the mickey mouse sweater. is it vintage/90s?

  3. Cute! I'm so glad to be back in wintery clothes, too.

  4. Mickey! Love it. I am so happy Autumn is coming.

  5. Frigging love those little ankle boots. Nothing more perfect for Autumn!


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