Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The end of my Super Summer...

Well I think we can safely say summer is over.  The kiddies are back at school, my hours at work have been predictably slashed and after a good 2 months of bare legs, tights have made a welcome return to my life.  Cubs started back this week and we made lots of fun plans (some for next June, wtf?!).  I'm becoming restless to travel more, expand my horizons and learn new skills.  I have a weird homesickness for school, which I've never had before in my life.  I also just realised it's less than two weeks til my holidays, and after that I'm staying with my friend a few days then going to my next concert (Ultravox!!!).  So fall looks set to be more than tolerable!  

Summer however...  summer bummed me out, for the most part.  First, I hurt my hip/leg.  The diagnosis was that I'd done muscle damage and couldn't exercise for weeks.  Which dragged on to months when it didn't heal quickly enough.  Then I broke my tooth.  Then my phone died inexplicably.  Then mysteriously fixed itself weeks later after I was told it was unfixable and had bought another one.  (Seriously, avoid HTC like the plague people!)   Then my car also died.  It did not fix itself however, and had to be scrapped.  Oh and when I had to pay my share of my holiday, the bank accidentally locked me out of my account for two weeks.  So yeah, me and summer aren't on very good terms...  But I'm hopeful confident things will look up!

  Here is the original list, as it stands now

  • Learn to make friendship bracelets
  • Knit 2 items
  • Sew 2 items
  • Cycle somewhere other than work
  • Eat breakfast out
  • Cook 2 meals from scratch (pasta bake doesn't count!)
  • Finish the Inheritance books
  • Catch up on 90210 (so far I'm half way thru season 1 so...)
  • Go to IMAX again - possibly for Spiderman?
  • Have a BBQ 
  • Go urban exploring with my friend
  • Embrace running outside (was going well til I hurt my hip...) 
  • Have a birthday cocktail
  • Live on £10 for a week
  • Run the Great Scottish Run (this depends on the progress of the hip healing :/)
  • Rewatch all my DVD movies
  • Read through my book stack

I did some knitting of tiny hats and sewed some tartan badges for work (not quite what I had in mind but reckon it counts!), I did finish my book stack but then added to it with birthday books and loans from my friend...  I couldn't do either of the running challenges obv, and the IMAX isn't really accessible without a car (altho I did see Spiderman, was decidedly 'meh').  The birthday cocktail reminded me I don't like cocktails, but I do still like beer, as evidenced at my friend's bbq...  I also realised I hate cycling unnecessarily, especially since my gear is jammed and the lower one won't work, so it makes getting to and from work...interesting...and sweaty...  I still really want to try making friendship bracelets tho, at this rate I might just make them as Christmas pressies for everyone!  And 90210 is NEARLY done, I just got a bit sidetracked watching my ER boxset instead ;)

How did everyone else get on?  Hopefully better than me!



  1. You totally inspired me with your summer bucket list! Sorry to hear your summer wasn't the best, hopefully autumn will be awesome!

  2. Eek, sorry your summer has been so rubbish! I' sure things will improve from now on.

    My Summer List finishes at the end of September but I daren't check back to see what was on it as I know I haven't done anything!! :\


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