Sunday, 28 October 2012

My summer holiday...

Last month I went to north Wales with a few friends for a slightly belated summer holiday.  Apparently it's not unlike Scotland in that it rains A LOT, but in other ways some of their customs defy logic (24-hour supermarkets close at 4pm on Sundays?  Totally makes sense that....).  We managed to squeeze in some fun day trips around the weather and my raging cold though, despite me running out of medicine AFTER 4pm on Sunday and being a nightmare until Downton Abbey calmed my ranting ;)  Turns out Wales has some pretty nice scenery and lots of random places to visit, all within easy reach of the lovely farmhouse we stayed at.  

I barely left that seat in the conservatory, especially after John gave me his iPad with the coolest app to track all the flights around the world - when I pointed the camera out the window it even told me where they were in relation to my window seat, so fun!

Luckily everyone else cooked while I washed dishes...

Boots and Scarf from M&S

We went to a slate mine in the rain, where I got separated when I lost interest after 10 minutes, so I went and took pics of a lake in the actually looked lovely in the rubbish weather, but I didn't fancy damaging my camera so I didn't get too many pics, boo!  The boys went on a train trip another day, and everyone but me went to an station?  I don't do underground.  Instead I went a walk around the village in my borrowed wellies and got pretty soaked, then marvelled far too much over how awesome wellies are - they really are though, my feet stayed dry!  Why did I never consider them until now?  We also went to a castle the one dry day we had, but I couldn't narrow those pics down so I'll save them for another post...



  1. I love Wales, even in the rain, but I think a power station and a slate mine may be a step too far!
    All 24 supermarkets close at 4 on a Sunday, something to do with retail laws, took me ages to get my head round it, too! x

  2. Looks like you still had fun, despite the rain. At least you'll be used to that anyway!

  3. Rain aside it looks amazing! x

  4. I really enjoyed the slate museum, it was good!!!!!!
    Had some great and dreadful experiences of weather in Wales. So annoying though when its miserable for a long time.

  5. Was that power station Dinorwig? Built inside a mountain? I've been there. It's...well, it's a power station in a mountain so you didn't miss much! Did you get to Llandudno? We went there a couple of years ago (when we visited the power station) and it was lovely.

  6. Looks lovely even with the rain! "There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong type of clothing" - can't believe you've only just discovered wellies! x


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