Sunday, 4 November 2012

A lazy ass Halloween costume...

Thursday night was our Halloween party at the Cubs, and as far as I was aware, being in costume was expected.  Especially when I had a school trip in my work earlier that day consisting of half my cubs all wanting to know what I'd be wearing.  Sigh.  Not being someone who dresses up like, ever, I really had to stretch my imagination to come up with something wearable, and in the end I clearly decided my brain had been stretched too much and went with something simple - a shepherd!  Now I'm aware this may not be obvious from the pics (no I am not just wearing my usual nightly attire, as if, pah!) so let me talk you through it...

  Shepherds look after sheep first and foremost, so I made sure I had lots of them.  Luckily I'd just sewn up some new pj's with fabby sheep fabric, so I had hundreds there!  Then I added my slippers and Red, easy!  I went on to assume that shepherds also wear woolly jumpers, hair ribbons and glitter eyeliner (ahem) and my outfit was complete!

  This is possibly the best fabric ever!

  Admittedly this kid gave me a withering look when I explained what I was...but look at him!  Clearly he put in more of an effort than I did, so I let him off ;)  In fact all the kiddies looked fab - one had stuck a zip to his face and covered himself in gory makeup so it looked like his skin had been unzipped (like this), then topped it off with a hooded cloak to add to the creepy effect, it was awesome!  Unfortunately the zip fell off before I could get a pic, which he was most annoyed about.

  I'm afraid this post is a bit later than I planned, my net broke down again and I'm finally getting a new dongle send out so hopefully I'll be up and running by next weekend!



  1. Love the sheep fabric! I got called "Sheep" at school because of my curly hair...

  2. And had to play a sheep in the school nativity play for the same reason. Way to give a girl a complex.

  3. OMG I bloody LOVE that sheep fabric! 10/10 for imagination I say! x


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