Thursday, 22 November 2012

Exploring an abandoned carpet factory...

  Another random derelict building tour for you!  This one is from a few weeks ago, and wasn't remotely scary, unlike the castle...  Much like the castle though, there were quite a few pigeons present, my favourite! (not really, I'm not very fond of birds in close vicinity - and these ones did not like being disturbed from their homes in the stairwells.)  The carpet factory is pretty much right between my place and Moffats, and since we only live a mile from each other it was deliciously nearby!  The factory shut in the mid 1970s due to declining profits, and most of it hasn't been inhabited since then, although the back part was used as a DIY showroom until a few years ago.  I'm sure you'll be able to guess from the pictures which part is which ;)

We found the bosses toilet right at the top of the building, with the best view, loving it!

Who can spot the piles of bird poo on the beams? (far too easily amused, I know)


  1. Love that you go exploring! :)

  2. I wish we had local places to explore!x

  3. I'm loving these exploration posts! That picture of the little tree..! I'm equal parts awestruck and horrified at how quickly nature reclaims its land.

  4. Looks fun -I'm with you on the pigeon hating too.


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