Sunday, 18 November 2012

Faff Favourites...

 Moffat sent me some of the pics he took on our castle outing - now you can see how I dress when I'm being utterly practical.  Raincoat - check.  Cosy bobble hat - check.  Borrowed wellies - check.  I really need to get me a pair of wellies now don't I, that's twice this fall they've come in handy.  I swear I won't start wearing them around town though, that's just one step too far...  But next time I need to climb a derelict staircase coated in pigeon poo, they'll be on my feet!

So, you'll be wanting some Sunday links to fill your afternoon with faffing, right?  Me too.  Here ya go then :)

Sarah wrote a great post about how she comes up with blog posts.  This is going in my bookmarked collection.

Following on from the ideas post, Five ways to be a more efficient blogger.

I love Ashley's writing anyway, but I've just downloaded her debt e-book and I'm excited to read about her journey.  Not that I have any debt but I love reading about how other people spend and save money.

20 Hilarious Twilight Comics.  You will laugh.  A LOT.

Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me.

31 Insanely Easy and Clever DIY Projects.  The name says it all.  Fabbyness.

These sketchbook pages are so cool!

How to trick people into thinking that you have it all figured out.  No-one takes me seriously.  It's starting to bug me.  So I may test out some of these ideas ;)

Meredith's sweater makeover is insanely cute.

7 cheap ways to switch up your space.  My living room is bugging me right now so I'm gonna start moving furniture around...some of these tips should come in handy!



  1. Thanks to you I discovered sooo many cool tutorials and blogs! Thanks! ;)

    By the way, I have a small international Giveway in my blog. Would be cool if you joined! ;)

  2. Great list! Especially that first one. ;-)


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