Sunday, 25 November 2012

Faff Favourites...

  Well I've been fairly productive today, being that it's a Sunday, the day when it's ok to be lazy.  I even went to the gym!  Which was in fact a great idea, the place was dead, my favourite state.  I also realised that my new gym top (Nike from TK Maxx) says I support Inter Milano...I just liked the fit of it...  Afterwards I went to Lidl to test more of their bakery goodies - I picked up a cinammon swirl, multigrain loaf, some ciabatta rolls, a pumpkin seed roll and another pretzel.  I can safely say the cinammon swirl wasn't a patch on, well any other one I've ever had, but they also had chocolate croissants and a variety of donuts, so I'm still testing!  Anyway, here's a few quick links - I've just realised Mermaids is on tv and I must watch it in tribute to my childhood self :)

43 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist - how I laughed.  Probably too much.

DOGS!!! (with sounds!)

This DIY project is too cute

A Time To Grow Up - no idea when that'll be...

I wish I could be more like this lady... there's a chance I'm not quick-thinking enough!



  1. I do love Mermaids and Lidl! Haha =) xx

  2. Right. In the first link I love that cat coat and the eating of the block of cheese.

    The one about starting things NOW is brilliant and I'm going to totally put it into action once I've stopped faffing about on the internet.

    Finally, your bum is henceforth going to be my inspiration to get out running!! (In a totally platonic, non-pervy way).

  3. Well done for going to the gym on a Sunday x

  4. In Holland all Lidls had a bakery and it was amazing. AMAZING.

  5. Great links! I'd love to be more like that lady in the last one too, but I'd just fume and say nothing. I'm too much of a wimp!


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