Monday, 19 November 2012

Florals, knitwear and essential baked goods...

Knitted jumper - charity shop
Dress - F&F via charity shop
Shoes - Matalan (here in satin)

 Yesterday I decided to actually get dressed on a day off - yay...!  This had nothing to do with the fact that I'd run out of junk food (unusually), I just took a rare notion to get out of the house for a wander.  I went to the pound shop to get some wrapping paper for eBay parcels and realised the Christmas lights switch on was gearing up to happen, so it was a rather quick wander...being around crowds of people has started to annoy me, I'm very much a believer in personal space!  Luckily I only live a few minutes walk from town, so I grabbed what I needed then went a wee detour to Lidl.  Which has a bakery now.  Faff.  If there's one thing I consider essential to life, it's freshly baked bread products.  Bagels, pastries, baguettes, every kind of crusty roll - I'll try them all at least once.  And often much more.  I don't care two hoots for the pre-packed stuff - it wouldn't occur to me to buy sliced bread and morning rolls (although I do have a soft spot for New York multi seed bagels, mmmm) - but bakery bread sure makes up a decent part of my diet.  I was quite well behaved and just picked up a wee baguette for dinner and... a pretzel!  They had pretzels!  I'm afraid I'm a bit obsessed with pretzels at the mo, probably because they seem to be the one thing you can't just go out and buy in a supermarket (can you?) for some reason, and my town is not exactly good at spotting a gap in the market (we have three Greggs on one street...).  It got scoffed a bit too quickly for me to get a pic, but I fully intend to go back soon to do further tests - at 39p each I'm quite prepared to do multiple tastings, just to be sure I like them ;)

  Oh and I'm wearing new shoes too!  I don't buy flats very often (Converse go with everything, I find...) but I spotted these in Matalan and couldn't resist.  Plus some of my old shoes bit the dust recently so they were a totally practical purchase...yeah...

Feel free to share your bakery recommendations in the comments - I'm loving Tesco at the mo since they've revamped their range of rolls, but I'm also thinking Lidl needs another visit so I can taste more of the new products!



  1. Ahh I've been rummaging in the charity shops hoping to turn up some hand knitted treasures but no luck so far :(

    I had a pretzel when I was in NY (first proper one) and I thought it was absolutely disgusting, was so disappointed!!

  2. Tesco fruit and nut rolls are the best thing EVER. Seriously. Especially when toasted. Their pretzels are not very good though - the rock salt one was the actual saltiest thing I've ever eaten in my life and promptly went in the bin. I'd stick to Lidl for those if I were you.

  3. I really like the cute pink sweater. Such a neat girlie outfit! :)

  4. I am so in love with those shoes x

  5. Lidl's bakery rocks, we're down there all the time. I'm not usually a fan of those style of shoes but LOVE yours! x

  6. I’m just a sausage roll fiend! Your skirt is so cute, love the jumper too! x


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