Tuesday, 6 November 2012


  Is it just me or does it suddenly seem way more difficult to get out of bed lately?  Personally, I'm blaming the temperature.  My flat is not particularly warm at the best of times but the past few weeks I've been taking a hot water bottle and hoodie to bed, so when I wake up in the morning I'm so cosy toasty sizzling warm that getting up just seems like some horrendous torture, second only to stepping out the shower into a freezing bathroom.  Luckily, I can usually sleep in a bit since my shifts tend to start post 12pm most of the week, but I've also become even less productive than usual.  I have however finished a lot of books, so I'm keeping my local library open ;)
Cardigan - charity shop
Dress - Next via charity shop
Converse - gift
Belt - charity shop

  When I actually do manage to become vertical and get dressed, I've been reaching for my thickest, cosiest knitwear.  This cardigan is definitely a fave - thick AND colourful, win win!  I've actually been dragged out of the house a few times already this week - Friday night was dinner and drinks night with friends at our local pub (5 minute walk from my house, mwahaha!), then on Saturday my pal Moffat pulled me out the library in the afternoon and we went to explore an abandoned factory nearby.  I've been pestering him about taking me urban exploring for ages and it was extremely interesting - I'm gonna check out how my pics turned out so watch this space!  Afterwards we inhaled a McDonald's for dinner and he went off to a Halloween party - I managed to plead no costume as an excuse to stay on the couch, somehow I don't think my 'shepherd' look would have been acceptable...  Sunday Mother was off work so she came up to go to the shops, and of course I had to tag along, since lunch was included!

  I'm now counting down the days til my next week off - 4 more shifts to be precise, then freedom!



  1. I love that cardigan, looks perfect for the cold weather.

  2. That cardigan is amazing. Absolutely ideal for this weather as well. I'm exactly the same in the mornings as you - bed is so much more tempting than anywhere else!

  3. That cardi is great! Our apartment is all over the place with the heat - it's either way too warm or way too cold.

  4. The cardi is fabulously cheery with that pretty dress! x

  5. I love the cardi, are they little trees on it? So Christmassy xxx

  6. AMAZING cardigan, I am so in love with this outfit xo

  7. I'm with you on this - my office is so cold I'm not even vaguely attempting to look professional - it's woolies all the way, and my hot water bottle.

    Love the sound of urban exploring, look forward to seeing your pics x


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