Wednesday, 14 November 2012

This Week I...

Jumper - H&M mens
Shirt - Topman
Vest - Topshop Tall
Leggings - Topshop Tall (here)
Converse - gift
 ...and similar comfy clothing!
ER DVDs! - Finally learned to knit on the round!
Found a totally pointless book in charity shop - My 'new' Christmas party dress!

The Sapphires - I was really looking forward to this movie and I did like it, but... I'm not sure, maybe it wasn't as lightweight or funny or realistic as I was expecting?  Which is slightly ironic considering it was based on a true story ;)
Chernobyl Diaries - a slightly (ok, very) daft horror movie that my flatmate rented, but I have a bit of a curiosity about Chernobyl so it wasn't a total waste of 90 minutes.
Skyfall - again!  The first time I saw it was when I was print checking it at work in a lovely empty screen with my tea and the volume booming...this time the screen was rather full, which I find distracting, but the movie was very much as fab as the first time.  I think Casino Royale was still slightly better, but this film did have a super origin story included.  And once again I spent the whole movie wishing to be THAT cool - maybe my next career change should take more of Bond direction...
Legends of the Fall - it was on TV the other night so I had to watch it.  I kinda love this movie for whatever reason - it might be a bit depressing but Brad Pitt was definitely at his hottest here!
ER (season 15) - I'm so close to the end I can almost taste it!  I'm about half way through the season, and I'm finding it all a bit boring, as if they're just plodding along to finally reach the end point.  The start of the season was pretty shocking - Abby and Kovac left (my faves) and Pratt DIED!  Did not see that coming, gutted.  I've heard the end is good tho, gonna just push through and get it over with! (that's what she said?)
Girls - Mother has been recording this for me so I've been watching it when I come to visit.  I think we're about half way through the season now, still not sure how much I like it (I don't find it remotely funny, maybe I'm missing a point?) but clearly enough to keep going...
Married to Jonas - now, I'm a bit of a reality TV hater (unless we're talking about the Duggars, I LOVE that family!) but I was channel flicking the other night and settled on this out of curiosity.  It's not the worst thing ever... it follows the oldest Jonas brother Kevin and his wife - think Newlyweds but with a smarter Jessica Simpson character (just remembered I used to watch every day after school, sigh...) They both seem kinda lovely so I can't really be irritated by it...yet ;)

Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes - I do like a good Marian Keyes novel - I seem to pick up so many random books in the library that it's nice to go back to something familiar sometimes.  I'm slowly reading my way through her books, and I think this is one of my favourites - it follows Rachel, who is in complete denial about being a drug addict, despite almost dying from an overdose.  The story is told from her point of view and mostly takes place in a rehab centre - I do like these kind of books where you get an insight into random situations that you'd normally never be particularly interested in!
The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien - I've just started this and all I can see in my head are the parts of the trailer where the dwarves are hanging out in Bilbo's house...that's as far as I've got, but it's a nice easy read so all good :)

listened to...
Red by Taylor Swift - I still can't get enough of this album!  My faves are 'The Last Time' with Gary Lightbody (my other fave singer!), 'The Moment I Knew' and 'Sad Beautiful Tragic' - basically all the depressing songs, I can't help it, I love her sad voice.

The Beekeepers Quilt - I finally faced my fear of knitting with those double pointed needles to have a go at this pattern - and it's so freaking easy I want to kick myself! It's like when I put off learning to link the blu-ray player to our projectors cause it looked so tricky and it was the easiest thing ever.  Anyway, I purchased this pattern recently as a 'filler' project - I tend to start knitting bigger things then lose interest half way through, so I figured if I had something to do in the inbetween times I'd at least still be knitting... and I reckon this could be a long project!  I'm also making a jumper and I'm so close to being done...except that I've run out of wool and not a single shop has anything to match, so I'm gonna have to shorten the sleeves in order to finish it.  Grumpy Face.  But at least it WILL be finished thank god!

A completely awesome 80s party dress that I found in the window of the charity shop yesterday.  I was going in anyway but I made a beeline for the ladies at the counter and asked to try it...and it fits!  Mostly, I just gotta take in the bust a tiny bit (which is usually the opposite problem of wearing vintage for me!), but for £5 I'm quite happy to get my sewing machine out.  I still have the petticoat from this dress which I'm thinking might work with it for added twirling!
I also picked up an interesting looking book - This Diary Will Change Your Life.  It is a diary (unused) but it also seems to be a book of random facts and challenges.  Really I just wanted a better look at it and for 50p it seems worth losing a few hours over.

Cinammon and oat star biscuits from Asda bakery, a cream slice from the local bakery and tomato soup with plain bread (the one with the burnt looking chewy crusts!) - heavenly!

I want to know what everyone else has been up to!  How has your week been?



  1. Oooh, what a fab bargain your dress was- well done.
    It looks like a great week, and yay for ER, I'm after a new series to watch and think I will keep an eye on those dvds of yours as I've had lots of people suggest ER. :)

    I've not watched any films for so long, want to see Skyfall at some point.
    I've been listening to We Are The Ocean who I sam supporting Lostprophets recently, and I've mostly been wearing new shoes - duh. :)

  2. That dress rocks, Eighties fashion at it's finest! x

  3. I need to learn to knit in general!

  4. I am loving Taylor Swift at the moment too!! 'The Last Time' is one of my absolute favourites as well. I also love 'Everything Has Changed' and 'Treacherous' :)
    I think that book/diary is fantastic! And just 50p!! Oh bargains make me so happy ;)

  5. I love knitting :) And knitting in the round is pretty fun. It was one of the first things I did...but I'm scared to death of knitting socks. SCARED TO DEATH.

  6. Gotta love the T-Swift album! And you look adorable, love this layered look!
    xo TJ

  7. How is the diary shaping up? It was recommended to me on Amazon a few years ago but I didn't know if it would be too gimmicky?

  8. love to buy your use tights xxx

  9. Wow your bee keeper blanket will be so warm! How far are you?!


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