Thursday, 8 November 2012

Visiting Caernarfon Castle...

  My favourite thing we did in Wales was explore Caernarfon Castle on the first day (that one day it didn't rain).  It was just along the road from where we were staying, so it was pretty much the first 'touristy' place we came to and therefore we had to act like proper tourists and have a nosy :)  It turned out to be a lot of fun - after you pay admission you can run around most of the building and museum, and there were all sorts of nooks and crannies and random staircases and passageways.  The staircases were fine on the way up but, being so narrow, were horrible to get down!  Eventually Mhairi and I gave up and parked ourselves inside in the museum, which was also spread over a few levels but with real modern staircases for big feeted people!  I couldn't resist taking about a million pics so be grateful I managed to narrow it down...

  Hours later, we eventually resurfaced and got lunch nearby, then drove to Anglesey and walked on the beach, where Mhairi paddled in the water and I climbed up some rocks without falling.  A successful day all around I'd say!



  1. I'm sure I've been here once...I love castles, so strange to think people once lived in them though!

  2. The doorways are so SMALL!! Imagine the tiny people.

  3. Cool! I haven't got to run around an ancient castle in ages - I love how you're just left to it and trusted not to destroy the place.

  4. I love that place, it's been more than a decade since I was there last though!

  5. Ooh lovely 'proper' castle with turrets and everything! You and your friends always seem to have such a laugh :)


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