Thursday, 27 December 2012

A year in the life of Foof and Faff...

I made some resolutions, and my mum made me an awesome top.  I found some old family pics from a 70s holiday and the colourful 80s, styled up my favourite dress three different ways and shared my top movie picks of 2011.  Oh and I joined Scouts as an assistant Cub leader!

I shared lots of fun facts about myself, told you which movies from 2011 to avoid and found the Best Hoodie Ever.  I did a Book vs Movie review and put together one of my favourite posts, my guide to being a cheapskate.

More family pics were revealed, this time with the magic of the 90s as the theme...  I yapped about music and took a random road trip and got a bit 'lost'.

My friend and I started walking more, I found Cheetos, tiny Wispas and a lot of reading material, and the flashbacks hit the decade of the jeans, the noughties.  Nostalgia...

I went camping for the first time and realised I HATE CAMPING.  I also went to a county show to prove I don't hate all outdoors stuff though.  And a Scouting activity day, where we all chased Bear Grylls!  Then wrote a more serious post about how I save money.  

A plan for creating my Super Summer was made, even after hurting my hip and not being able to move for a week...  My friend and I met one of our favourite writers, I moved my bed and shared the totally essential  contents of my bag.  There was also a donkey party and some pretty wedding pictures.

I got free pizza, watched a lot of videos (as in VHS tapes!) and Sarah gave me a blog makeover.  It was awesome.


I recommended some TV shows and movie trailers, moaned about jeans and decided (incorrectly) that fall had promise.  Super Summer came to an end, with mixed results...

Apparently I did hardly anything in October, but I did get round to posting about my belated summer holiday to Wales.

I made up for lack of activity in October with lots going on this month - I posted about two castle visits, one in Wales and one in the wild abandoned countryside of Scotland, and a carpet factory visit (of the sneaking variety).  I created a very easy Halloween costume and a fabby knitted jumper, plus found some awesome baked goods.  And perhaps most importantly, met a fellow blogger!

There was a Christmas party, a Christmas t-shirt and a Christmas crafting session.  It was a festive themed month, in case you missed that.

What were your favourite Foof & Faff posts this year?



  1. My faves have been the urban exploration, definitely - so interesting! Hope you'll be keeping that up in the new year! I've also been enjoying your "This week..." posts which I hope to copy in some shape or form for 2013 :) xx

  2. I liked the exploring posts too, I'm very nosey so fascinated by that kind of thing :-)

  3. Ahhhh! Suddenly I feel like a big part of your year!


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