Friday, 28 December 2012

A year in outfits...

  I decided to do a review of this years outfit posts, because I feel like my style has changed somewhat in the past twelve months or so.  I seem to have went from pretty to practical, especially in the past few months when the weather started getting colder.  It's not exactly because I stopped caring about style, but because I had less reasons to 'dress up' - when you have to wear dark clothing for work and don't do a lot outside of working, getting dressed becomes more about what's suitable to wear for walking to the library or watching tv as opposed to going for drinks and hanging out with friends.  This is partly down to a dip in finances since my job was restructured in June, plus losing my car shortly after means I need to walk everywhere, and my heels and pretty dresses are not particularly suited to distance or extreme weather! (I live by the sea, the wind never calms...)  

  Obviously some things never change though - I still favour red, white and blue items, but now some black and orange has worked it's way in too...  Stripes and Converse will never go wrong.  Knitwear and tights are firm staples.  Some items didn't make it through the year - my red loafers and navy flats both bit the dust, and my favourite grey stripey jumper got some mysterious stains mere weeks ago that wouldn't budge.  The red cardigan became a bit too holey to keep mending, and my pretty green dress was so easily creased it got shoved in a charity bag months ago.  (shame, it was really versatile :/)  Inevitably a few items went the way of eBay, but all my favourites have survived multiple clearouts.
 What's your favourite item in my wardrobe?  And in yours?



  1. I love your stripy trousers and pretty green dress the most. I love my floaty Jaeger blouse the best in mine x

  2. Red tights and so many stripes! I love so many of these outfits.

  3. Ooh, love the dress in the first photo, and the dress in the first photo on the 4th row! Also, the striped mini skirt is amazing!

    In my wardrobe, I love my dresses but like you I live by the sea so its not a great time of year for them. I love my converse hi-tops aswell but haven't worn them in months because my feet get too cold in the winter! (even if I wear extra socks!) x

  4. To be honest I love all your clothes but the flowery shorts really caught my eye here, which is odd as they're the item I'm probably least likely to wear myself. Fave item in my own wardrobe at the moment is my Christmas cardie which I'm doing my damndest to get my wear out of before January!! x

  5. That star print dress is my favourite, its really striking - in a good way!

    I love my 70s Ossie Clark black maxi dress the most :-)


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