Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Crafting...

 I've been getting my craft on this week!  I tried spray painting for the first time (with eh, mixed results...), knitted up some Christmas stockings and raided the 10p box at my favourite charity shop.  Then stuffed everything with sweets of course.  Above is a tea cup, old teapot and aeroplane toy I got for 10p each, then tried spray painting with a red paint, then a glitter top coat.  The red didn't take particularly well, especially to the plane, but once I put the glitter on it was passable ;)  I stuck the plane to a jam jar lid and voila!  A sweet jar!  The sweets are aniseed balls from Amazon grocery for my pal Moffat - I sneakily found out months ago they were his fave but hard to find in the shops, so I think they'll go down well. (plus he builds aeroplanes, so he can even take it to work!)
 The stockings I knit from a Jean Greenhowe Christmas book pattern, but there's a free smaller version on her site.  These are for my gal pals to go with our coffee shop dates.
   I bought everything from the discount shops since most of my budget went on Mother's Strictly tour tickets... ;)
  The cup is going to my boss and the teapot to our handyman, plus I made my brother a wee selection with his fave childhood sweets - the base is a glass M&S chocolate pudding container!  So if nothing else, you've learned some good recycling tips...

  Is anyone else doing handmade gifts?  Only one week to go!



  1. I'm doing a few little handmade gifts which I'll be blogging hopefully (ie hopefully I won't still be finishing them on Christmas morning and will have time to photograph them!). I love the aeroplane jar - never would have thought to spray paint a teapot but I love how it's all sparkly! :) xx

  2. I love the idea of the sweets inside the vintage cup - might have to try and remember that myself for future!

  3. I love the aeroplane sweet-filled jar, bloody brilliant! x

  4. What sweet (ha, pun intended) gifts.

  5. Ah, they're fantastic! I didn't do homemade gifts this year but I intend to next year. Hope they end up looking as good as those! x

  6. Good ideas! I've been too lazy to make anything but even I could find the time to do these (not the knitting, of course - the other things).


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