Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas shopping for me...

Top - Topshop £18 (here)
Jumper - Topshop Tall £25 (here)
   Last week I went on a bit of a mission to Glasgow, armed with a strict list of items I needed and a rather early wake up alarm.  And here's the shocking part - I got everything I needed, no-one was rude to me and I didn't get sick of shopping after an hour.  Unheard of!  In fact in Long Tall Sally and Remnant Kings, the ladies helping me could not have been nicer.  Coming from years of working in customer service, I don't really care about the attitude of people serving me unless they are particularly unhelpful - we all know what a terrible job it is - so it was nice to experience real warmth for a change.

Anyway, my list - I need a dark jumper, gym trousers, a long sleeve pj top and some thermals, and a quick dash around Topshop, Long Tall Sally and M&S and the list was complete.  The only frivolous thing I bought was a top/nightshirt with Bert and Ernie on it from Topshop.  I almost never buy clothes I don't actually need these days but I couldn't put it down!  Plus it's long enough to wear with leggings and big enough to layer tops under, so I don't think it'll be worn for it's intended purpose of bed anytime soon...  The best part is I used a birthday voucher in Topshop so only 'paid' £3 for both items, woohoo!

PJ Top - M&S £9.50 (here)
Joggers - Long Tall Sally £30 (here)

Tights - M&S £6 (here)
Thermal top - M&S £14 (here)
  I wore the thermal top yesterday and must admit it does it's job very well!  As you might expect though, it runs a bit small, so if you're between sizes I'd go bigger.  I'm keeping an eye on this range going into the sale at Christmas - they also had leggings and short sleeve tops in every colour, so they make a good base for the really cold days.  I even got 20% off since my friend who works there gave me a discount voucher, so I had to stop myself going mad!

I should have no problem keeping toasty now - you'd think living in coastal Scotland I'd be better prepared for the cold but it takes me by surprise every year!  Has anyone else been shopping lately, or are we all waiting for the sales?



  1. I think I've done more shopping for me than for anyone else! Good tip on the thermals, thanks! Going to start making a list of things to look out for in the sales I think! xx

  2. I got M&S thermal tights for going to Prague and they were SO GOOD. Horribly expensive but they kept me properly warm.

  3. I always find the service in LTS to be exceptional. I think it has to do with the fact that it's usually fairly quiet in there, and the sales girls tend to be tall themselves so really care about helping other tall ladies find something that fits.


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