Sunday, 2 December 2012

Faff Favourites...

  This is what my weekend looks like so far - Friday my bro picked me up and we came home, accompanied by an amazing pink sunset, Saturday I dragged myself a quick walk to Asda then came home, bathed, got into my pjs and spent the rest of the day on eBay/fighting with lappy, and today I'm going exploring again!  I'm totally not dressed or anything yet but at least it occurred to me to borrow Mother's wellies this time.  I'll be layering up too - I can somehow tell by looking out the window that it's gonna be freezing out!

On to some links, for all those sensible enough to be inside this afternoon...

Alex and Kate Gabrielle both posted fab gift guides this week...

...and Meredith showed us how to wrap them!  My fave so far is the pompom holly

I just found this article about how too much choice can be a bad thing - I've been saying that for ages

33 Adorable and Creative DIY Ornaments - if I put up Christmas decorations I'd definitely have plastic dinosaurs and cardboard igloos on my tree...

Things that people do on tv but not in life - the ones in the comments are great too!

13 New Ways to Use Old Electronics - never have I wanted a fish tank or a walkman so badly



  1. Glittery dinosaurs are definitely the way to go, if you do do decorations. We just swathe the living room in fairy lights (and don't open the cupboard with the electricity meter in it).

  2. a lovely links post, thanks :)
    also a big yes to wellies! they rule.

  3. I've been spending way too much time in my pjs, but its getting so cold out that it's just nice to come home [even if it is mid morning] and climb into the fleecy pj bottoms!


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