Sunday, 16 December 2012

Faff Favourites...

  Happy Sunday!  Despite being at work and crazy tired, I'm in a great mood that seems to have held up all week - I've got loads done and not faffed too much, which makes a change!  I did some shopping and got everything I needed without fuss, and since I was in Glasgow I had a KFC snack box for lunch and went to see It's a Wonderful Life at the old cinema.  Despite having to go to the subtitled show and a girl sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME in an almost empty theatre, it was so good and I left feeling even more Christmas cheer!  Also this week, as you can see from the pics, I bought an amazing top from Topshop, had fun opening my Wreck It Ralph advent calendar (we got a bunch to give away at work, not that I was first in the queue or anything ;)), ate leftover chocolates from a crafty spree (check tomorrows post!) and found Nerds in Morrisons, which made me do a wee dance of glee and pay £1 to get them in my mouth...

On to the links!

Ideas for Small Space Living 

An interview with Sarah Von on her minimalist wardrobe - I wish I could just grit my teeth and do this!

26 of the Best Ideas Ever - once again BuzzFeed makes my day

An interesting look at 5 Year Commitments

If you want to knit a Rudolph, it should be this one - puffy noses!

Or a Wonder Woman jumper - how have I just seen this?!

A super retro Pinterest for the 80s child in all of us

I may stop moaning about being 5 feet 10 now... I Am Tall

How goes everyones week?  Are you all feeling festive and eating lots of mince pies?  Or not so much?



  1. I can't work out if I am feeling festive or not! x

  2. I'm not feeling overly festive, i'm not sure why.


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