Friday, 27 January 2012

Stripes and neons...

M&S cardi - charity shop
Dress - M&S Outlet
Socks - Target
Boots - M&S

Necklace - from childhood!

Somehow I dressed almost entirely in M&S the other day, which I'm just now noticing, huh...  Hardly surprising tho, I reckon half my wardrobe started out there, some 30 years ago!  

Last night was Cubs again, never thought I'd find a bunch of shouty kids so entertaining, I'm rather enjoying myself though!  Totally worth getting dressed for, although me in pjs all day is definitely a good day, suppose it wouldn't make for very exciting outfit post tho - want me to try it? ;)


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Family Flashbacks - 80s

Well here's where it gets interesting!  I couldn't find a lot of early 80s pics in Mother's collection, so these are all post 1985, aka birth of Faff.  Some were a real trip down memory a very cringey way!  
 On the bright side, at least we know I was always a poser of sorts...
 LOVE this tshirt - I had a lot of Disney in my wardrobe judging by the outtakes.
 This is one of my faves and totally sums up my childhood - eating scones with Neighbours on the tv (lunchtime one of course!) and at least one stuffed toy or doll within reach.  All done with cute slippers on.  I still love slippers and hardly ever wear shoes in the house.
 Found quite a collection of dress pictures - I'd totally wear the blue one now ;)
 And an absolute buttload of matching outfits!  Seriously, if you could see the entire collection of photo albums, at least my pre age 10 outfits seem to be matching sets!  Maybe my mum had issues...  I remember adoring the green skirt though, wish I had it in adult size!
 I'm certain this wasn't the only one of these 'dresses' I had - the highlight of the pic has to be the ridiculously tanned lady in the back tho
 Here's Mother in some bright tones - can you tell what decade we're in? ;)
More matching, sigh...but I do kinda like Mother's florals
 Now it gets slightly horrific - what is this monstrosity?!  Shiny puffy white stuff disguised as a jacket...this must have been pre Regatta or something, there is no other excuse.
Mind you, my auntie could give me a run for my money in the dodgy outfit stakes - a matching knit skirt and jumper in an unpleasant two tone shade.  Someone obviously thought she'd look less daft if they tied a random ribbon round my head...  I think she still wins.



Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fifties lady...

Jumper - handmade by Mother
Vintage skirt - charity shop
Tights - Topshop
Shoes - Debenhams

Bracelet - gift
My very clever mum made me another lovely item, this time a sweater from a vintage pattern on Liz's site - I love it!  She's now in the (very tedious I'm told) process of making me the matching cardigan, turns out putting off learning cable knit is really helping me out... ;)  These shoes just never get worn even though I love them - they just seem to me like they need a fancy dress and a dance floor, so decided to go against my instinct and use them to add some colour to my outfit.

So everyone know's I'm a projectionist right?  The best job in the world in my opinion, and the least in demand it seems - my boss called yesterday to say our company finally made a decision regarding our future and in a few weeks we'll be officially extinct.  We were really just waiting for the confirmation, so it didn't come as a total shock, although it's all a bit soon and extreme for my liking.  I'm beyond gutted though - I've been in projection-less cinemas before and the presentation has been shocking when it's being run by untrained, overworked floor managers instead of skilled individuals trained specifically for the purpose.  Only time will tell how it works out at our site - it's looked like I'm being shifted to a much reduced job in our cash office, if I'm 'lucky'.  I'll keep you posted...


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Faff Guide to Movies of 2011 - Best

As you may know, I watch a lot of movies.  Obviously a large number of these occur through work, which has it's pros and cons (wait til you see the Worst list...).  Last year I set myself a challenge to watch 303 new movies, and I smashed that with a cool 309, yeah!  After 3 years of these challenges though, I decided not to do it again this year - when you find yourself watching a movie just for the sake of it, I think the enjoyment is taken out a bit.  Plus I've been avidly reading for weeks and am really enjoying giving books another chance, so maybe next year it'll be book reviews in this space!  

I've split the reviews into two posts - Best and Worst.  There were just too many movies to fit into one post, plus there were a lot of really good and really bad ones in the final list!  Gotta start with the good of course...

Best Movies of the Year - Cinema 
This was ridiculously hard to decide on, finally I just picked 3 favourites -

Thor - This movie had everything I love about film stuffed into one - action, romance, comedy, a buff long haired hero.... ;)  It had a fantastic cast and script, looked amazing and got me excited for The Avengers, despite not caring for Ironman, Capt America or The Hulk - roll on May!
Submarine - I saw Richard Ayoade's directorial debut at the Glasgow Film Festival last year and fell deeply in love with the hilarious coming of age story.  After receiving the book for my birthday I discovered it was rather different, so I'm glad I saw the movie with it's stunning visuals first.
Harry Potter 7.2 - This was  I know a lot of people slated it but I thought it was an amazing end to a sometimes questionably adapted movie series.  Easily up there with Azkaban as the best Potter movie, the only faff point I have with it is that they changed the location of The Kiss - why?!

Other greats - Tangled (the lantern scene was what 3D was made for), Super 8 (the train crash was easily the best scene I've seen in years), Melancholia (totally tragic but relatable, I left the cinema in a state of shock), The Devils Double (someone I knew nothing about but was totally horrified by) and The Adjustment Bureau (slightly daft but I got very involved and excited when Matt Damon said 'Elise'!).

Best Movies of the Year - DVD
LoveFilm really helped out with the free trials and online viewing here!  I did manage to pick some total duds too, really I just look at the stars and judge by that...lesson (kinda) learned...

Lars and the Real Girl - this one surprised me - the story of a man's love for a doll wasn't something I expected much from but Ryan Gosling was fantastic and the story was really engrossing.  
Candy - one of the best love/addiction stories I've ever come across, and fuelled my need to watch more Australian movies.
Control - the story of Joy Division's lead singer Ian Curtis' troubled life, despite the lack of colour I was drawn in.

Also on my must watch list - The Disappearance of Alice Creed (a kidnap story with deliciously fresh twists), Brothers (moving and fun seeing Tobey Maguire being a 'grown up'), Heavenly Creatures (an out of control teenage obsession makes for compelling viewing), Ponyo (Studio Ghibli at its best) and Pans Labyrinth (Guillermo Del Toro at his best).

'Surprised I Liked These' Movies of the Year
 These were films I went to see expecting the worst - but was actually pleasantly surprised.  For example, when an 'Indie' film gets hyped as the best thing ever and I end up missing the point completely, which I thought would be the case with Blue Valentine.  Totally not.  It was wonderful in a horrifying, eye opening kind of way, and didn't help my already dubious view on marriage.  Did help confirm my dislike for Michelle Williams tho ;)  

The other three, you may have noticed, are NYC set movies, but that wasn't the only thing that redeemed them from cheesy, predictable movie territory in my eyes.  Arthur, despite starring the much slated Russell Brand (as an actor I actually quite like him tho), was sweet and fun, New Years Eve warmed my heart (despite the stupid SJP storyline) and Tower Heist was smarter than it really should have been when the main star was Ben Stiller.  All worth a watch for being slightly better than your average rom-com/heist-com.

Actor/Actress of the Year
This year I fell big time for Emily Blunt and Liam Neeson, I watched so many of each of their back catalogues. Wild Target is one of my favourite movies, I could watch it again and again (plus it also stars Bill Nighy, heart!).  And Liam Neeson just makes every one of his movies watchable, even when they really shouldn't be (The Other Man?  Bleugh).

'So Bad It Was Good' Movie of the Year
Drive Angry 3D - man that was something else.  Nicholas Cage's hair in glorious 3D as he blows things up in the opening sequence just confirmed my view on this movie - it was SO utterly ridiculous that it ended up actually being enjoyable, and had me and our team leader in hysterics most of the way through.  Mostly it involves Nicholas Cage shooting everyone except the too beautiful Amber Heard, and I think something about the devil....  Not sure if the Blu Ray has a 3D version but I reckon it would absolutely worth it!

What's everyone else's favourites of the year?  Anything I've missed?


Monday, 23 January 2012

One dress, three ways...

You know those 'magic' items in your wardrobe?  The ones that go with everything and work for every situation?  The ones that are likely few and far between amongst the array of pattern skirts and every style of jeans and frilly blouses?  This Topshop dress is one of my true wardrobe essentials.  I got it about 3 years ago and paid the full £45 price tag for it - unusual for me but it totally paid off.  It's the perfect fit, length and style, and it seems to work for every occassion - date night, shopping, lazing about watching tv...  But in case you don't wanna take my word for it, here's some fun styling pics ;)
 Casual - worn with my Ben and Jerrys hoodie and fave Converse, this is good for dragging myself to the supermarket without looking like a total scruff.
 Night out - worn with New Look shoes and coloured tights.  The great thing about the floral pattern is there's a fair few colours in there, so it works with a vast array of tights, or black ones with coloured shoes - or both in my case ;)
Smart Casual - this outfit I actually wore on Friday, when I paired the dress with the cardi Mother made me, New Look boots and H&M socks.  I got a bit soaked again coming home from the library but luckily it's only at the end of my road!  It worked well for shopping - warm enough to wander round shops but also good quick drying fabric for dealing with the weather!

Does anyone else have something in their wardrobe they keep going back to and restyling?


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Charity shop bargains...

Vintage M&S wool coat - £3

Camera case - £1.50

Belt - £1
Gold necklace - £2
Silver chain - £1.50

90s M&S rugby top - £1
M&S leopard top - £1

New Principles zip top - £2.50

Vintage M&S kilt - £2

BHS jersey skirt - £2

Vintage Jaegar skirt - £1

Some super bargains from Friday's shopping trip!  The Jaegar skirt is my ultimate fave - in fact I saw it in the shop before Xmas for a whopping £8, but it was a bit discoloured so I didn't think it was worth it - for £1 it's a different story!  It's a vintage size 8 tho so I can't really breathe in it, gonna experiment with moving the waistband a bit...  In fact everything was a slight mish mash of sizes so I'll have some sewing to do this week!


Friday, 20 January 2012

Spots, checks and random reading material...

Shirt - Penguin (TK Maxx)
Dress - charity shop
Shoes - Topshop

 My fave wedges were back yesterday!  Although admittedly I was only wearing them briefly - the rain stopped right before I was heading to Tesco, so I swapped to boots and decided to walk.  There was my first error - I got to the end of the road and the rain started.  Which I decided to just go with, considering I was wearing a raincoat and it was only spitting a bit.  Heh.  By the time I got there, I was soaked to the skin...  Thanks, too-short-not-really-waterproof Long Tall Sally raincoat!  So my second error was thinking I'm tougher than a 20 minute walk in Scottish weather - when will I learn...?
Today was better though - partly because it included going to the library, my fave place in the world (and successful charity shopping, stay tuned for pics!).  My usual routine involves wandering thru non fiction, reading for a bit then maybe picking up a fiction book on the way to check out.  The theory here is that I can learn unlimited things through wandering the history/self help/movie sections, but I'll read almost anything in the way of fiction, so it doesn't require as much time.  Plus I'm in the zone to read trashy novels at the mo, which I won't pay for, although I do love a bit of Marian Keyes - my guilty pleasure!

This selection also includes a history of the WI, the diary of a teenager living in New York in the 30s, the story of Pocahontas and John Smith, Peter Kay's new book (more light reading!) and a book that is apparently going to teach me how to be even more awesome - that's my weekend at work sorted!

Has anyone read any of these?  Or have any recommendations for me to look for next time?


Monday, 16 January 2012

Family Flashbacks - That 70s Holiday...

So you love dressing in vintage and want to holiday 70s style?  Allow my family to show you how...

 Get some short shorts and some cute vests/tie dye blouse - however if you're a guy, wear what you wear at home and act nonchalant. 

 Find an awesome statement one piece and some wedges - again if you're a guy, keep wearing your socks and shiny shoes, even at the poolside...
 Feel free to indulge your bag obsession... 

 ...whilst showing off your vast collection of cute sun dresses.
 Guys, don't give in to shorts!  But try a short sleeve knit for a funky change of pace...

 ...and bonus points if you can get the girls to follow your lead and revert back to their jeans - especially if they're flared and/or dungaree'd...
Oh nearly forgot to mention the kidswear!  Striped knee socks are a must with your sandals, especially for the boys...  Older guys, these flapping flares would be a great replacement if you forget to pack the contents of your sock drawer!

I had the most fun looking thru these pics - it's a shame my mum didn't keep her cute clogs and dungarees, altho I'm not sure me in dungarees is something I want to think about...  Enjoy, and look forward to some 80s horrors trends coming next week!

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