Thursday, 31 May 2012

Faff happenings...

Man the last few weeks have felt like non stop action, lots of cubs activities, ice cream and catching up with friends in the sunshine - clearly I picked a great time to be off work for a change!
- stocking up on junk food
- the view from work one lovely night
- my fave takeaway - rice, chips and curry sauce!
- my camp shorts (mens dept at TK Maxx ;))
- flamingoes in National Geographic
- Fursty Ferret beer, a giggle inducing name...
- new Percy Pigs - chocolate!
- my camp head torch, which I'm still rather taken with 
- my bro's girlfriend made his birthday cake, must tell her when my birthday is...
- we have a giant 'Five Year Engagement' standee at work, can't wait for this movie!

Can't remember if I mentioned, but our scouting regional fun day was a couple of weekends ago, compete with a visit from the chief scout himself, Bear Grylls.  Here's a nice pic of him - I totally wasn't one of the ones shoving to get our kids neckies signed, totally...

Hope everyone else has been out enjoying the sunshine!  (right on schedule, my summer cold is kicking in - I've been downing medicine and orange juice day and night to try and derail it!)


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Guide to Savings

As you may have guessed from some of my previous posts and all my charity shop clothing, I like to save money.  So I thought I'd tell you how I actually store my savings.  Obviously everyone does this differently, but I use three different methods...

The main one is my savings account.  I actually changed banks so I could have access to both my current and saving accounts online, which I'd totally recommend as it makes life much easier.  Every month I look at my payslip and work out how much I can transfer into it when the next pay goes in - I know some people would transfer it straight away but I like to have a wee competition with myself to see if I can beat my target!  And I almost always do, so it makes clicking the transfer buttons that little bit more thrilling ;)  Also, if I'm taking money from my Paypal account or have an unexpected bill refund or the likes, that cash goes straight to my savings too - for me it's like money I didn't have in the first place and therefore can live without, plus it boosts the savings total. (warning, it's addictive to see those numbers rising!)

My second method involves £2 coins and an old trinket box - I came across this idea online somewhere a while ago.  Basically every time you're given a £2 coin in your change, save it.  It doesn't happen so often that you would miss the cash, but after say, a year, you'd have a nice little nest.  I save them for Christmas pressies, but it could work for anything really - a new wardrobe, an updated iPod, or even a gift to charity at the end of the year.

My last way of saving makes use of a money tin I was given years ago - this is where I keep all that random change that seems to fill up my purse.  (why is it so much easier to pay with pound coins than coppers?!)  Every few days, my purse gets emptied of everything from 20p's down, and again, at the end of the year/when it fills up, can be used for whatever you please - mine was just emptied in to my savings account recently but I'm thinking next time it fills up I'll pick a charity and donate the total.  

Does anyone use any other ways of saving?  Leave me a note!


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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Send Something Good...

I recently took part in the Send Something Good parcel swap, which was rather fun to plan!  My parcel went to Shauna, which I went a bit Scottish themed with, altho annoyingly I don't have a pic of what I sent cause I had to downsize it after the post office tried to charge me a ridiculous amount to post to North America, not impressed! (edit - she just posted a pic here!)

I got an awesome box of goodies from April - she sent SHOES!  Blue shoes!  With high heels!  And only a tiny bit small, that was good guesswork on her part!  I also got a cute bag, tights, fabby jewellery and some much needed mascara, loving it!

Sarah has a list of some of the others that took part - she did a fun linky thing with them that I have no idea how to do, so if you wanna check out some of the other participants head over there!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Waiting for summer...

Cardigan - Topshop Tall
Blouse - charity shop
Shorts - Matalan
Shoes - Minnetonka

Necklace - Claires

Necklace - charity shop

So being that I'm Scottish it seems only right that I moan about the weather - how am I still wearing tights?!  Ok I admittedly love tights and don't quite feel right with bare legs, but I'd still like the option...  I dug out the few items of my summer wardrobe the other day in a fit of optimism, put on my fave floaty white blouse, then...the weather was rubbish.  Now I'm pretty sure summer is gonna occur on one of those days where I work a 13 hour shift, so I guess the way to go is just mash it together with the rest of my wardrobe and see what happens.  I reckon it works anyway.


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Country chic...

Shirt - Penguin via TK Maxx
Dress - charity shop
Scarf - charity shop
Socks - H&M
Boots - New Look

(apologies for the weird size of my pics - I usually just click 'original size' but they went huuuuge, Blogger never fails to confuse me...)

My best gal pal Mhairi came home from Yorkshire at the weekend for our county show, and being that I had Friday off I decided to tag along, dressed in my best impression of a farmers wife.  Eh, yeah...  Anyway she specified I wear old shoes that could get muddy, and since it was pouring when we arrived, this turned out to be good advice.  However, my boots being years old meant they're now slightly leaky, so wet feet it was...

It was a rather fun visit tho, we saw 'dalmation' cows and orange sheep and GIANT tractors (which apparently were not exactly tractors, but they all look the same to me), and I got McDonalds for lunch.  You know it's a good day when you've had fast food for lunch and far too much pasta for dinner.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Mother taking my pic like it's the first day of school - she couldn't stop laughing about me going camping, it was slightly insulting in the end...

We tried to erect a hammock, failed slightly...

Team mates and our food tents

Yeah... me and camping didn't really get on very well.  It could have been that it was the coldest May weekend in however long, or that my sleeping mat failed to inflate, or even that nature is f***ing noisy, especially during the night it seems.  

I was camping to complete part of my Scout leader training - apparently it's a good thing if you're certified to do outdoor overnight trips - and while I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, I was looking at it as a bit of an adventure.  I'm not a natural optimist mind you, now I know why...  We were split into 2 groups, and as the only one who had never been camping, I was in pretty good hands - my fellow leaders were total legends and taught me so much.  One was a survival expert who thought nothing of climbing 20 feet up a tree to make a trap, not an example I followed but it was fun to watch...  The organisers gave us some great activities on the Saturday (including a knot expert who rewarded us in sweets!) and the kitchen tent had a never ending supply of biscuits, plus I learned some camp fire songs - mostly Scout versions of existing songs, but the 'talent' was hilarious...

I'm camping again in a couple of weeks, with the Cubs this time, but being age 8-10, they get to camp in cabins, which I'm ridiculously grateful about now!  Hopefully this time I won't need 5 layers of clothing or ear plugs to block out the tweeting birds and barking dogs (seriously, they went about 40 hours without drawing breath, HOW?!).  Altho I've been assured that the two hours sleep I got on the first night is also normal with kiddies around - can't wait...

Anyone else been camping?  Tell me it's not that bad always!


Monday, 14 May 2012

Beads and sleepiness...

Bead Necklace - New Look
Gold Chains - Topshop
Black Cross - Topman
Black and silver chains - Burton

Had a mini shopping trip to buy some new (sale) jewellery the other day - turns out I was more drawn to the menswear sections, Topman had great reductions!  

I haven't felt much like writing or picture taking lately, hence blog content being a bit scarce.  I seem to have been spending a lot of time reading or just slumped in front of the tv, especially after the camping adventure last weekend (more on that soon!) where almost no sleep was had.  Plus I've had to pick up an extra work shift so my whole week has been thrown off (yeah I don't adjust well to change...;)).  In fact life in general seems a bit off at the mo, not really sure which direction I'm heading in - guess it'll be fun interesting to see what happens...

On the plus side, this ad has been keeping me far too amused, and I'm now at Mother's again where I get net and tv shows taped for me, blissful.  (altho I got my net working veeeery slowly at work last night, it was insanely exciting!)


Friday, 4 May 2012

Sticking with what I know...

Cardi - H&M mens
Tshirt - Topman via charity shop
Skirt - eBay
Shoes - Topshop
Scarf - charity shop

Necklace - charity shop

Looks like I'm into red, white and blue again!  Thought I'd try and make the velvet skirt work outside the festive season, kinda like how it turned out...

This weekend I'm doing camp leader training for the Cubs, which means in a few hours I'll be building a tent wearing waterproof clothing and sensible shoes.  Sigh...  I'm slightly nervous about it, I don't do well sleeping in a strange place and with other people near me!  Luckily our group is 2 girls and 4 guys so I only have one sleep buddy to contend with.  Plus they all seem pleasant so I'm expecting a fun adventure, hopefully with reasonable weather - cross your fingers for me!


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Some wardrobe gems...

Blouse - Matalan
Trousers - River Island
Shoes - Topshop

Bracelets - H&M (evidently the 'gold' one is years old!)
This outfit is from last week, when my work buddies and I had a girlie trip to see Titanic 3D at IMAX - I've said it before and I'll say it again, IMAX is one of the best things EVER.  Like, not just in the cinema world.  Like in the whole world.  I was in heaven, it was easily the best thing I've seen there, the picture was flawless.  (My second favourite is Avatar - clearly only James Cameron should be allowed to use this medium...)

Anyway, my outfit happened when I had a rare 'Ah-ha!' moment on opening my wardrobe.  This blouse and trousers are among my favourites at the moment, versatile and easy to style, loving it!  Any recommendations for wardrobe essentials? 


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Linking Love...

Hi ya'll!  Sorry for the silence around here, my laptop has been on the blink and I haven't felt much like fighting with it, trying to get net to work - always guaranteed to put me in a bad mood...  (btw, what's going on with the posting layout here?!)  I've actually had lots happening in the past week - we took the Cubs kayaking and raft building (I got the well behaved team, mwahaha!), I got to go to a very advanced screening of a movie I'm not allowed to talk about (yet...sorry!) and earlier my friend booked a holiday to Wales for a few of us in September.  Which I'm very excited about cause I've somehow never been on a 'mates' holiday before, but also slightly nervous about cause I spend a LOT of time by myself.  Mostly thru choice, so good luck to anyone spending 4 whole days with me and my potential reclusiveness... (totally a word now ;)).  I should have some posts set up soon, but in the meantime I've been clearing out my bookmarks and rediscovered some awesome articles, enjoy!

When it comes to love, could you have it all wrong?  I pretty much love everything Therese writes, but this is one of my faves :)

40 ways to give more life.  Makes me feel cheery.

How to plan the unexpected.  Yeah I need this!

How to date yourself in 10 ways.  Totally gonna do this :)

Right I'm gonna go catch up on emails and blog reading, have a good night!

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