Friday, 29 June 2012

In my bag...

  I seem to have seem a lot of these post floating about lately and thought I'd add my two cents to it.  Plus since I take my pictures indoors mostly, my bag doesn't really feature.  Currently I'm going between an actual handbag from Topshop and this v handy camera bag I found for £1.50 in a charity shop a few months ago.  Its just the right size for my camera to sit nicely alongside my other 'necessities'...

(not sure how the random HP sauce ended up in there...)
  If I was using the actual handbag my Mason Pearson and at least one book would also be shoved in, guess the space challenges of this bag are a good thing!  I always have my iPod, phone, house and work keys and my purse on me.  And a hairbrush.  And I'm a bit fussy about dry hands so hand cream too.  Depending on what work I've been doing there could be a fair few USBs floating around.  Also here is my notebook, an Easter card I've been using as a bookmark, a first aid pocket guide, various pharmaceuticals and some hair clips.  See, all necessities!

  Anything I'm missing?  Or am I really carrying around too much crap?


Thursday, 28 June 2012

More fun knitwear...

Jumper - eBay
Vest - M&S
Trousers - River Island (here)
Shoes - F&F via eBay

Black bracelets - H&M
Heart bracelet - found on beach...
  This was Mondays outfit.  I had a rather nice day off after working the weekend (Saturday mostly involved management training, one was not impressed), even if the weather didn't fancy playing nice.  So it was a changing seasons type outfit...  The jumper I found on eBay a few weeks ago for 99 lovely pennies, it's not especially thick but will be good for layering in a few months.  I popped/limped down to the gym to change my pass to a swimming one so I'm not tempted to try my luck at running again before August, which will save me money apparently, except I have to buy a swimsuit...heh.  Tempted to just get a tankini top to wear with some bikini bottoms, unless any tall girls out there know where I can get a swimsuit for a reasonable price?

  Mother also got a rare day off, so she came up to go shopping and got me some work shoes and a fabby jumper from Topman - Mickey AND New York?!  Loving it!


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Two blog awards!

This week I was lucky enough to receive two blog awards from two fabby ladies - Wendy from The Butterfly Balcony gave me the One Lovely Blogger award and Devyn from Wanderlove passed on the Versatile Blogger award, thanks tons guys!  

I'm just gonna combine them since the rules are pretty similar (and there's only so many random things I can say about myself!) - I've to state 7 facts about myself then pass on the awards, so watch out readers, it may come to you next!  ;) Also since I like to ramble a lot I may be repeating myself - just pretend like you're a newbie reader... 

1 - I'm obsessed with seeing more of America - so far I've been to Florida, NYC, Boston and Vermont but I really wanna do a bit of a tour of the west coast next year.

2 - I do not like change.  Of the bigger variety anyway.  It seems as soon as my life is pootling along quite nicely, something swoops in and moves things.  Grr...

3 - I realised earlier that before I had a laptop, I was hugely more productive...oops...

4 - I HATE when people say 'nom nom', it actually makes me cringe.

5 - I don't quite understand people who don't read books, I'm addicted to the escapism of each page turn, and the library is easily my favourite place in town. (and it's right at the end of my street!  Sigh of joy...)

6 - I've been told it's weird that I love crisps and sweets in equal measure but I really couldn't choose!  If I don't eat sugar I don't really crave it, but crisps are kinda the opposite... 

7 - I almost always wake up with a song in my head, and it kinda stays there until I hear another one.  Basically, I always have a tune floating around my head if I don't have my iPod stuck in my ears! (actually even then too!)

Ok and now the recipients!

Who is Grumblebeard (love that name!)

All fabby blogs, most are recent discoveries - if anyone has any blog recommendations for me do share them in the comments, I'm always looking for new ones to read! 


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My new favourite cardi...

Cardigan - charity shop
Dress - charity shop
Shoes - Topshop

Hair curls and dancing ladies...

Necklace - Miss Selfridge

  I had a quick scoot around the charity shops last week when I was trying to exercise my leg - for someone who was good at gym excuses I'm really missing being active!  I spotted this cardigan hanging on a rail surrounded by boring knitwear, £3 and a polka dot shirt later and it was mine! (the shirt is also legendary, I'll show you it later this week...)  Needless to say, Mother hates it hehe.  But what's not to love - cosiness, colours and a fun design!  It was a perfect outfit for coffee and yapping with my pals, our summer seems to have taken a break over here on the west coast - it's not exactly cold but there's been lots of wind and drizzle.  I pretend to hate it but really I'm more comfortable in the s**t weather, heat makes me sticky and moody!

  I'm currently working my way thru a book pile now I finally finished Inheritance (not at all the ending I saw coming but OMG I loved it, can't believe it's all over!) - I have a goal to get thru them all by the end of July since I have a few books in my Amazon list that will likely appear on my birthday.  So now I just gotta avoid the library for a month....not gonna happen, faff...

(btw, Sarah has been a total legend and fixed my pictures sizes so hopefully all is well now!)


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A week of randomness...

Got an EDF poster in a mag! (I'm obsessed with the wee flame guy ads) - Stripes for camp - Most fun socks ever - Waffles and spaghetti for dinner!

New Ultravox album (me and BFF are addicted) - We spent a night at work with tea learning all the words - Baby seagulls on our roof, so cute! - My Eldest book signed by Christopher Paolini :D

Found a great book in library - Chris Hemsworth in Esquire this month! - Got my colleague an insanely cool card - My fave bracelets


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Super Summer Plan...

 When Rebecca asked for participants for her Summer Bucket List plan, I was already jumping on board.  In a few weeks my work hours will be cut (more on that in the future) and given half the chance, I WILL waste whole days on end watching Big Bang Theory and eating crisps.  Which I likely won't even be able to afford... So I need to come up with a plan to amuse myself in the free time.  Enter my Super Summer Plan!  Below is a list of activities I wanna do this summer - I'm counting summer until Cubs go back on Sept 6th, so plenty time to crack on with being productive!

  • Learn to make friendship bracelets
  • Knit 2 items
  • Sew 2 items
  • Cycle somewhere other than work
  • Eat breakfast out
  • Cook 2 meals from scratch (pasta bake doesn't count!)
  • Finish the Inheritance books
  • Catch up on 90210 (so far I'm half way thru season 1 so...)
  • Go to IMAX again - possibly for Spiderman?
  • Have a BBQ 
  • Go urban exploring with my friend
  • Embrace running outside (was going well til I hurt my hip...) 
  • Have a birthday cocktail
  • Live on £10 for a week
  • Run the Great Scottish Run (this depends on the progress of the hip healing :/)
  • Rewatch all my DVD movies
  • Read through my book stack

  (I typed up this post then went to the doctor about my hip/leg hurt.  Apparently I've done muscle damage and am definitely not allowed to run for at least 6 weeks.  And then I've to start from scratch.  And I'm also not allowed near the gym for weeks.  Words can't describe how mad I am at myself right now...)

 I reckon I've chosen attainable goals here - nothing too exciting but I know myself well enough to know that if I put something outrageous on there I'll just give up, not really the point of it!  Does anyone else have any summer goals?  Feel free to share them and give me some inspiration!


Monday, 18 June 2012

In the details...

Made from this tutorial....kinda

Robot necklace - Claires
Chain necklace - Burton
Cross - Topman

Pom pom ring - H&M
Skull and cross rings - Topman
Silver ring - from Mother

White T - Target
Blue T - F&F via charity shop
Leggings - Topshop Tall
Shoes - Topshop

  I wasn't much fussed on this round of outfit pics so I decided to highlight the details instead - loving the latest addition to my tiny ring collection, a random pom pom one from H&M last week.  Was thinking about putting googly eyes on it, but then no-one would take me seriously ever again... ;)  And I'm loving my new tie dye leggings too - Topshop Tall may not have stuff I actually need, like work trousers, but they sure have some way more fun things to tempt me!  So yeah, the theme of this outfit is 'fun' apparently.

  How was everyones week?  I managed to hurt my hip while out running on Wednesday and spent the rest of the week barely able to walk - my nurse friend thinks I have tissue damage but the doctor should confirm it this morning.  Then I had the pleasure of cracking my tooth on a cookie on Saturday, which made a filling fall out on Sunday.  Bad luck better only come in threes...


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Let's talk about a magical dream world...

...or to put it another way, that place in my head I go when I read books.  Depending on how all consuming the story is, I can come away from a book in a bit of a daze and almost totally convinced these characters exist in some parallel world somewhere. (thanks Phillip Pullman!)  Really it just makes my life seem less boring, but even when I'm not reading a total fantasy novel, I still look at each story in a different way to real life.  Like the way my life could be if I was a more exciting person.  When I was a kid, being a published author was my longest held ambition - followed by librarian when I realised I was actually a terrible writer with no chance of passing Higher English ;)  So now I just spend a ridiculous amount of time in the local library, buried in stories of people far more brave/interesting/mysterious than I am.  Which suits me just fine.

Recently I got my hands on tickets to meet one of my most favourite writers, Christopher Paolini, creator of the Inheritance cycle.  Now I'm not much into sci fi/history books, but these ones just captured my imagination right from the start.  (A boy finding a dragon egg and becoming a saviour of a nation, while his cousin battles to keep the woman he loves safe - yes please.)  He turned out to be a really interesting person too, and took so much time to talk to everyone during the signing part - I asked if my favourite character is killed off in the last book, he wouldn't tell me though, damn!  I'm still working my way thru it, so far he's still living...
My friend got hers signed for her mums birthday, wish I could have seen her face when she opened it!

This pic is a terrible angle but at least proves I met him! :)
 Also lately I've been working my way thru some old favourites to pass on to my friend - I don't have a huge book collection but decided to get rid of some I've read a few times, the library just has so much I want to read it seems pointless to keep going back to old stories!

  'What if' is insansely cheesy chic lit about a woman tracking down old flames, but in a fun way - 'About a Boy' is hilarious, with a different ending to the movie but some of the same lines are in there, love when they do that - 'The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets' is a lot like 'I Capture the Castle', makes me want to be in that story - 'Marley and Me' is a moving and laugh out loud memoir liable to put anyone off owning a dog... - 'The Broken Bridge' is a stand alone Phillip Pullman about a girl uncovering family secrets - 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' was procured when I learned the movie was coming out, it skips between the story of a boy who loses his father in 9/11 and a love story of the past which ties things together... (and has random pictures in it, love!)  The past story all but disappears in the movie tho, so I'd recommend the book if you want a more in depth experience!

  Recently I also discovered new favourites 'When God was a Rabbit', 'The Brave' and 'Oystercatchers', if anyone's looking for summer reading I can highly recommend all of them!

  Anyone want to share their fave books/writers with me?  I'm always looking for something new to read, especially with my birthday list taking shape for next month!


Monday, 11 June 2012

I did it again...

Tshirt - River Island
Trousers - River Island (here)
Loafers - F&F via eBay

Cross necklace - Topman
Silver and gold necklace - charity shop

Yeah... more River Island sale goodies!  Sometimes it just seems easier to style new clothes tho right?  I was feeling all summery when I put this on Friday to go visit my friend, who was serving time at an epilepsy hospital last week, and was not very happy about all the wires he was hooked up to.  Luckily he was allowed to escape the next day, so all good!  I had to drive a very faffy 'road to nowhere' to get there - all was going well until I had to pass thru a village with roads closed off for the Olympic torch.  My sat nav did not like that, and so much swearing was done...  Is it just me being unpatriotic or does it seem very 21st century to be all excited over a giant inconvenience like someone running along a blocked off road with a flame in their hand?  Admittedly the Queens Jubilee was an impressive feat by her majesty, but since my work doesn't do bank holidays, it's just another thing I can't drum up excitement for...  But then that might just be my avoidance of crowds of people talking!


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Faff Favourites...

Summer!  Briefly...

25 things I've learned in my twenties.  Love these posts, I've definitely learned some of these lessons...

Mall fashions from 1989.  I'm in retro heaven over this!

Just discovered Kristin at High Socks blog - she has a ridiculously covetable style!

How I sold everything to travel the world for five years - yes please...

This actually seems like a paper craft I'd be able to do...

This is just for fun.  Much fun.

In other news, tomorrow I'm going to meet one of my favourite writers ever, Christopher Paolini, at a book signing in Edinburgh!  His only Scottish date, couldn't believe it when I got tickets!  My friend is also a huge fan and keeps txting me about how excited she is...  The weekend has been spent ploughing my way thru his last two books, not exactly strenuous, despite the 1500 pages plus - fangirl hysteria has taken over!


Friday, 8 June 2012


Blouse - River Island
Leggings - River Island
Converse - TK Maxx
Necklaces - Topshop

Yes, more River Island sale goodies!  I'll give it a rest now... ;) This is Sunday's outfit, when my friend Moffat and I went to the local summer fair.  It was not great, all fairground rides and neds, wonderfully Scottish I guess, altho we did watch some bulky guys in kilts throwing logs and stuff, can't say that ruined my day ;)


Thursday, 7 June 2012

About anxiety...

  Sometimes, I feel weirdly anxious about my life.  Mostly along the lines of 'what the hell are you going to do next month when your hours get cut?!' and 'I have so much stuff.  Must sell stuff on eBay.  Man I hate eBay...' , and of course the question of whether I should move out of this nice wee place I live cause the baby next door WILL NOT SHUT UP (seriously, I don't much like babies in the first place but this one wakes me up on a daily basis).  But last month it got slightly worse and while on the verge of a full blown panic attack, I decided on a whim to move my bed against the wall.  Which brought on a nice calm feeling.  Huh.  

Maybe it's cause I grew up sleeping with my bed against the wall, so it felt familiar.  Maybe it's cause I now have floor space (I love floor space).  It's certainly not cause I now sleep against the same wall as the screamer next door.  But whatever, my bed now feels more cosy and I'm loving the generous amount of carpet I see when I walk in the room.  Result.
Yeah, the after pic was taken with my rather crap phone camera, oops...
Anyone else know what I mean?


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Family Flashbacks - Wedding Season...

  My last Flashbacks!  Ah I had fun doing these posts and looking back on the days before outfit posts (and style, in some cases...).  Everyone loves a wedding though don't they, so I thought I'd save these pics for a separate post and showcase them properly.  There's some loveliness and some eh, not so loveliness here...  Enjoy!
We think this is some of my grandpa's family, not completely sure who though...  I just love the pretty hats and the way it's low maintenance and not all puffy whiteness 

My gran and grandpa's wedding!  I think her dress is complete lacy gorgeousness, and check out the fancy bridesmaid!

My mum (in pink) and uncle at a wedding in the 60s - I couldn't find a better pic of the bride unfortunately but girls dresses are v cute.

My gran's American cousin got married in the 70s - I'm a bit crazy over this dress too, love how simply pretty it is.

Mother's wedding dress - my gran had it stored under a bed so I used to parade around in this as a child, pretending I was a princess.  Clearly I was exposed to too many Disney movies... 

Faff, this one went kinda blurry...  Here I am as a one year old flower girl at the wedding of my mum's cousin - fun fact, I still have the skirt Mother wore to this wedding, see it here

Actually have no idea who these folk are, clearly my uncles friends since he's on the right of this pic...  Just included it cause I have a sewing pattern identical to the bridesmaids dresses and wanna try it out now!

My aunt and uncles wedding - her dress looks just like Mothers, maybe that was the style before all those strapless clones styles came along...

And here's what I wore to the wedding - my very own princess dress!  This was the star of my dressing up wardrobe for a rather long time... My bro went for the more fun route with a polka dot tie :)

Finally, here we are at another family wedding, where I was asked to be bridesmaid and had my heart set on a frilly cream coloured dress...  The reality was slightly different!  But it was a long puffy dress at the end of the day, so I was still princess material!
  Hope everyone enjoyed the series!  Just click the tag below to see all my previous flashbacks posts - there's some real crackers from my childhood years!


Monday, 4 June 2012

Shopping and a donkey party...

Blouse - River Island (here)
Skirt - River Island (here)
Wedges - Next (here in multi coloured!)
Necklace - New Look
Bracelets - H&M

  So I went shopping this week - can you tell from the sudden appearance of River Island clothes and non charity shop jewellery? ;)  River Island is not somewhere I shop like, ever... but I was looking for some summer clothes and stumbled across their online sale.  Since I had to consign some of my skirts and dresses to the too-short-to-wear-without-tights part of my wardrobe, I was in heaven when this jersey skirt turned out to be fabby (it runs a bit big but with the elastic waist it hardly matters).  And the blouse... I realised this week that I don't seem to suit very bright or pastel coloured clothing, so it's also rather perfect.  And out of 8 items ordered, only 3 got returned!  That must be a new record in my house - shopping without fitting rooms is not something I'm particularly gifted at...

  Anyway, I wore this Saturday night for a farm party at Mother's work to celebrate the birth of their new donkeys.  Everyone else was in horse riding gear and gilets, but what did I care, I felt pretty ;)  They were very cute, and the white one (Mallow) was really funny and kept skipping around and trying to jump on the mummy one.  The other one (George - who knows where the names came from...) just liked being petted.  And I just liked the bread and cheese I was being fed with my beer ;)

Hopefully everyone's having a lovely long weekend off - I'm in doing extra long shifts this week cause we open early on holidays, one is not impressed...

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